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Instead of an active role-select which can be gamed, do a passive one that is run by an algorithm. Let's say you are a support main. The system will match you as if you selected support as a role. The system could match based on a 2-2-2 meta, but it shouldn't actually force the meta. However, you would see more 2-2-2 because everyone would more than likely pick the roles they main anyway.

For those who want to change their role preference, they could also have the ability to reset the preference, in which the system forgets who they normally select and allows the player to enter into a new role. That way, if you wanted to start being a tank, or a DPS, you are free to do so instead of falling into a role trap. This reset should only be allowed once every 20 games or so to prevent people from gaming the reset system.

With a passive system instead of an active system, people can't game it as easily.
If they attempt to "main" a role for shorter queue times just so they can play a different role, they would eventually be seen as a main for the role they actually play.

Let me know what you think.
I’ve wondered if the game is already doing that. I notice on win streaks, I magically get people who instalock a good comp.

They happen to chose their main heroes, and make a great comp.
That sounds coincidental, but it is proof that something like that can work.

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