Nerf Junkrat

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Why did they give junkrat another bomb, his main weapon already does too much damage and now he can literally throw two bombs at you and your dead, remove him from the game...
I agree
You're just salty lol he was so under powered with his 1 bomb, 2 bombs make him feel more powerful than ever. A lot of pros play and support the junk rat buff.
Well, I guess we needed one last of these before we moved forums...

*pours shot*

Glad to know that people will never learn to counter Junk or even just not walk towards him.
Says of course the *practically* Genji main. Junkrat isn’t OP, he’s got quite a few counters. He can be annoying, yes, but it’s easy to kill him off with Pharah, a skilled Genji, snipers, etc
Ah yes Junkrat’s grenade launcher which was so OP that he was practically a must pick in seasons 3-6.

Just like Mercy’s damage boost, which was why she was a must pick in those same seasons.
or you could just walk away from the super close range hero
02/19/2018 06:19 PMPosted by JumpyWizard

For what purpose.

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