Can we start the new forums out on a positive note?

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Mercy nerf was justified

theres your positive note xd
Love ya. (✿◠‿◠)
knowing these forums, probally not

Nope. They will be seasoned with large amounts of salt and X is op because of some stupid reason. Change this or I'm quitting/trolling/making everyone miserable kinda posts.
No, we can start off with nerf threads.
New forums? Whats going on
Nah, we need to fill it with nerf threads.
One of the first threads will be about a Genji main asking for a Moira nerf. I call it.
02/20/2018 08:17 AMPosted by ELIhentrix
New forums? Whats going on

today on the 20th, a new forum setup is coming and everything will be removed

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