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She needs a nerf
Here. Have a downvote for not bothering to explain why.
Then play her.

Seriously, if you ever have trouble with a hero, spend 5 hours playing it and get good with it. You'll learn their limitations and how to exploit them later.
Here's a better idea.

Maybe, just maybe... Buff a hero that counters her? I know, it's a crazy idea.
No, she doesn't need a nerf.
02/13/2018 10:23 PMPosted by LilD
She needs a nerf
But you main Roadhog, I love playing Roadhog into Tracer?
Tracer is so strong because her mobility lets her outplay her counters. She is extremely punishing if the user messes up, but at peak performance she can do almost anything. This is why she had <50% winrate until Master.

I wouldn't say this is a balance issue with Tracer, but rather her supposed counters (and most of the heroes in Overwatch) don't have that same design philosophy of "can beat anything, but can lose to anything". If heroes like McCree and Roadhog had less linear ways of killing her (Flash and Hook), they could possibly rise to be effective Tracer counters. Right now, McCree flashes Tracer or lands a lucky headshot on the tiny, ADADing hitbox or else he loses. Similarly, Hog can't really kill Tracer unless he lands a hook or a perfect Right-Click at the perfect range.

Tracer is meant to be the baseline for balance. I don't think she's really ruining the game at all, but she's admittedly a popular hero. Nerfing her would remove the aspects of what makes her fun and skillful, but improving her counters would allow for even more interesting and deep counterplay, and I'm saying this as a Tracer main.
One of those "Strong in the right hands" sorta things. Also at the right division and facing the right comp.

Lets see if Sombra gets played more and if that will make a dent in Tracer, before we start dishing her nerfs.
Sombra is about the be the bane of tracer and genjis existence. Moira + Sombra = FeelsBadMan.

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