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I've been playing console overwatch for like 5 months, and never have I played games on pc. But recently I made the switch to PC, and I now see why it is the master race.

I just started playing yesterday and I'm still trying to get used to it. I was hoping some of you 'experts' could share some tips. (I know this is objective, but it helps me to have a good starting point)

What sensitivity and DPI do you play at.

What are your key binds, like you ability one two etc.

And stuff like that.

Also I don't have the best pc, so I do have to sacrifice a little graphic quality for better fps, but its not too bad, but how many fps do you recommend is enough to play with. (After getting a taste of PC overwatch, I'm already saving for a better computer)
60 FPS is ideal.

I use 6 Sensitivity with 1800 DPI

Keybinds are pretty much default.

Just click the Mercy's head.
lower sensitivity and get a high refresh rate monitor.
1600 DPI - 7.5 In-game sensitivity

As of right now that is what my mouse is set up for, but I am currently working on getting better so I can lower my sensitivity a little more in-game. I usually keep my key bindings at default for about any game unless its really an inconvenience. However, I think I changed my melee and my push-to-talk buttons to my mouse. Not everyone wants super high graphics over performance anyways, so you don't really need a great computer.

Edit: High refresh rate monitors don't help much, but are a nice investment for everything you can do on a computer :D (So pretty)
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What sensitivity and DPI do you play at.

1600 @ 3, or roughly 30cm/360. Pretty average for games in general.
What are your key binds, like you ability one two etc.

Default, nothing really wrong with it. The only thing you might want to re-bind is melee, I could never get entirely used to using the keys under WASD.
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but how many fps do you recommend is enough to play with.

60fps is considered mandatory.

30fps feels too sluggish. Anything in-between 30 and 60 is a non-answer because it results in inconsistent smoothness and screen tearing unless you're using a special monitor with Freesync/Gsync. Anything over 60fps is fine because your monitor most likely caps at 60fps.
400 DPI
4 Sens
86 cm/360

I'm a former CS:GO player so that explains why my sens is low. Try to find a sens thats comfortable (but not too high). I recommend turning your sens up/down so you can turn a 360 from one side of your mousepad to the other. But you can also turn it up/down to do a 180. Turning a 180 instead of a 360 might make it more difficult to aim in fast paced action. For me, with a sens that low, I can only turn a 180, but I got used to it.

For keybinds, all default except for Zen. For zen bind harmony and discord to mousewheel.

60FPS is recommend at the very least. I play at 140-200 because I have a 144hz monitor. Buying a 144hz might help. (Higher FPS = lower input lag)
1600 dpi 3-4 sens, I’d recommend not going into comp till lvl 40-50..25 is too soon to truly have a feel for the difference in pc/console

I changed the ult key to the side mouse button, easier for me
i made the switch my self around a month ago. i play with 6.25 with 400 dpi and 5/11 on my mouse speed in widows(that matters too). This is my first gaming pc so its a little OP in a way i have a GTX 1080 and a I7 so i get 300 fps or at worst like 200~250. If your pc isnt that good just try to get 60 fps no need for really high numbers(just for lag). As for sens just try out different sens and see what works best for u(just dont go too high or too low). If u dont want to take the time doing that just pick a sens and stick with it no matter what. You can also use this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UMotbHD9TI) or (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRFWLJazYYo&t=4s). Dpi i would say what ever u like to use in windows (like going around the internet and stuff). Aim comes with time and practice so don't be mad if u suck for a while. for keys u should keep them normal(default) unless u feel like u want them somewhere different(i switched zen E and shift).
Try to learn Game sense, you'll be surprised at how u can outplay people even with with bad aim.
Only played once on PC with my friend's account but I watch him play many times. The tactics between console and PC players are different, you'll notice people have near perfect accuracy on PC but tend to ignore some enemies such as Pharah and usually stick by playing horizontally (in general anyway). Ignore the chat box as a lot of trolls and bad players hang in there and beware the competitive, unlike console where it's fairly easy to rank gold you'll rank silver instead in no time.
i play at 800 dpi 7 in game. i'm a wrist player so i dont have alot of arm room. im also a tank player so my aim doesn't have to be the best. i use melee on the side mouse button 2 and E ability on side mouse button 1

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