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Just right now had two throwers back to back and then the start up screen for a match stayed stuck and didn't load in to the hero select page and I got kicked for inactivity. Welp That an easy way to drop 100 sr.
Got 2 thowers the other day...
A Torbjorn main who refused to switch and muted everyone.
And a Bastion main who thne threw as Hanzo because the Mercy was only pocketing the Soldier...
Then in round 2 my monitor froze.... So I guess I threw, but not technically.

Just overall a bad game.
everyday in comp is a bad day , because blizz wants ez moni from kids trolling knowing they will never get banned
Lower ranks is horrible for me.

I play mccree, get 50-60% accuracy, get gold elims, and carry the team, entire enemy team is dead, if we cap point 1 tick we win, im dead, and a d.va is emoting in front of the point and we lose

And i get flamed for "throwing"
tl;dr If you're tilted af, take a break. If you're salty af after a loss, your team feels it too. Critique my plays, don't throw me under the bus for the whole team losing. Be nice.

I recently hit diamond on PC as a support/tank main. Join a game where they let the two diamonds "dps," because rank = skill, apparently. So I tried it out, why the hell not. I did pretty solid on Soldier on defense, but couldn't perform up to par on offense.

I realize my mistake of not practicing at that level consistently. It's a loss, I know I'm part of the blame of course. But then the guy who has been losing all day (complained about it multiple times, and every bad play he says what we all did wrong) calls out everything I messed up on on the final push.

Dude was salty as hell. Just yelling at me through mic the entire defeat screen until the timer ended. Because seeing that defeat screen as a "carry" wasn't enough.
Haha keep them coming overwatch is fun
Got a level 29 guy playing Doomfirst, with a record of 3 games won overall....

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