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Since season 8 is coming to a end soon, have you accomplished any of the goals you set at the start of the season. For me, my only goal was to just to get back in diamond; I've made it back just 44 less than my career high. It took me everything I had to get back, so I'll probably skip season 9 and take a break from overwatch. Something I find funny is that I have a negative win-rate at 33 wins and 36 loses.

The goal of reaching to masters.

Currently decayed for inactivity but whatever.
MY goals for season 8 was to play season 8 but i only did 1 placement match and i gained about 200 hours in quickplay.

I reached diamond again after having not really played comp other than placements for 3 seasons and was down in gold. I shortly fell back into plat but I got there so I'm happy! Next season, maybe I can stay in diamond for more than 2 games!
My goals are to do placements and then not have to deal with comp again for a whole season.
top 500 and another golden gun

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