Overwatch is not competitive without decent servers

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You might have to reduce the playback speed for the widow one, but the shot does clearly land on the target.

I just want to point out that I get around 20 ping in other competitive type games such as CS:GO, although 60 ping isn't particularly high, and might even be lower than the majority of players. I've wasted tons of hours troubleshooting every possible issue, but it all points to Blizzard's end, many other players have gone through the same thing with their ISP's also stating it's on Blizzard's end.

If I went out of my way to record every instance of this happening I could have hundreds of clips by now. This is something that occurs regularly, multiple times a game, and as you can see by the clips they aren't some small issue, they quite often determine the entire teamfight. When a player meets all the conditions (aiming, timing, etc..) to achieve something in a game, but is arbitrarily denied this, there is a problem.

It's hard enough for players trying to do well in competitive, with the unreliable mm, toxicity, and boosting going on; we don't need to be cheated out of wins by hitreg either. It's at a point for me that there is quite literally nothing else I can do in competitive games, because the outcome of the match is so heavily dependent on the random matchmaker and inconsistent hit registration.

Unfortunately, Blizzard has 0 incentive to improve this. It would cost them money to improve their servers, so unless a large amount of people complain, nothing will change.
It's also kinda mind boggling that Blizzard punishes players for disconnects, even if the fault is on their end, because they claim to be unable to distinguish where the error occurs.

Yet valve has been able to do just that, for as long as long as I can remember. Which is pretty indicative that Blizzard's servers are far from being top notch.
On both Widow and Hanzo, pretty often, I'll have times where I shoot them, and I see the marker on their body (like the red flick), but then no damage is done. This happens pretty often and I see it happening to streamers. Not infuriating, because it's not like it mattered at the time, but it shouldn't be happening.
i emailed them because my friends keep disconnecting and they said "it's not on our side talk to your internet provider" MY friends don't disconnect from any other game except overwatch and somehow their internet providers are the issue? That just proves how out of touch this company is with the main issue of their game, maybe once people stop playing this !@#$ game they will actually do something, until then don't expect much.

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