Songs you listen to while playing your main?

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K-Pop addicts, assemble.

How do you guys listen to music while you play? I tried it and it just doesn't work, the game sound effects are too important.
I've played only Lucio for so long that not having some kind of music in the background messes with me.

OW is mostly fast paced, so something like Carpenter Brut works really well.
Play Mercy and Moira -

and some Grimes usually - but I have it turned down low. Auditory cues in the game are way too critical.

I can't not imagine overwatch after i first saw these music videos ^.^
Whatever I want really that I enjoy.

But this song is specifically tailored to Junkrat.

NerdOut! is a cool channel.
On the occasion that i listen to music, for my mains its-

Genji: Running In the 90s, Night of fire, and Remix 10 (Rhythm Heaven Fever)
Bastion: Various things

and for when I play other things

Reinhardt: Medieval Music or S.Y.F.M (RaggTagg)
Tracer: Deja Vu, funnily enough
No one should listen to music while playing FPS games. The sounds are too importante for the gameplay. If you are not listen what are happening around you, you probably will die many times and make your team lose.
None. Though sometimes I listen to Rush or Crowder while I play Mystery heroes. QP/Comp, I never play anything in the background.
I am just curious as I dont find playing OW any good to play with songs on because of what I am about to ask, how do you guys hear footsteps and such if you are playing with songs unless you pump up the ambience volume? I mean, its very crucial to listen to whats going on in the game coming to flanking etc, since you hear your enemies footsteps.
I don't main Reinhardt but when I do play him I play a loop of Dovahkiin

Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin, naal ok zin los vahriin
Blissful death (nier automata ost)
Snow in Summer (nier ost)
Grandma (nier ost)
Devils never cry (Devil may cry 3 ost)
Griffon ost (Devil may cry)
Cerberus battle theme (Devil may cry 3)
Madara theme (Naruto Shippuden)
Artorias the abysswalker (Dark Souls ost)
Soul of cinder (Dark Souls ost)
Gwyn (Darksouls ost)
Solitude (Death Note ost)

That are a few songs from my current playlist.
I don't listen to music while I play Overwatch but The Only Thing I Know For Real always makes me think of Handsoap.
Try Igorrr.
Everyone needs more Igorrr in their lives !
Doomfist - Guile's Theme
Johnathan young - All Men Must Die
I don't listen to external music while playing. I tried it, and couldn't hear enemy footsteps and other sounds that I needed to keep aware of.
Anything by Miracle of Sound and some things by Johnathan Young. Usually. Although sometimes I do listen to the soundtracks for other games. There's nothing quite like playing Mercy and saving your team while SAVE the World from Undertale is playing, or some boss themes from A Hat in Time are playing.
-Pick Junkrat
-Play this:
-Laugh like a mad man

Seriously, go on and try it. Your neighbors will love you as much as your teammates.

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