We already know what Uprising 2018s new gamemode is!

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So last years uprising was based off tracers first mission. Tracer, Mercy, Torb, and Rein had to face off against omnics.

The end of last year, they released the cinematic for Reinhardt. It was a time when Rein and the crusaders faced off against the omnics. I am not 100% sure they will make this happen because the Halloween event already uses Eichenwalde.

I am pretty sure this is going to be the case because blizzard shows us ingame features before they are even known (like Moira and Hero 27). So if my theory is correct we will be going against Omnics as the Crusaders in Eichenwalde. (I do not exactly know how it will work though, maybe a new skin for rein and soldier of the soldiers in the cinematic and the other crusaders).
Since we now have Moira,
I'm still hoping the event will be the Venice incident, where Moira's connection to Blackwatch was brought to light.
They already made 2 halloween themed maps out of Eichenvalde.
For the bext uprising event my guess is:

Numbani's heist:

How doomfist-moira-reaper- (new tank hero?) got the DFglove from Numbani, culminating in the battle on the airport.

Maybe we need to change to Sombra/widow in some checkpoint
Oh I like that and they can go against less effective Orisa bots.

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