Ammending the Sombra changes

PTR Feedback
I'm kind of torn on the extended hack list. Some I feel are unfair and will make Sombra a BiS counter to a large number of heroes on the roster. On the other hand I'm happy to see some characters become easier to kill with it. I don't think all of these changes, or any of them, with the extended abilities should go through. At the very least it should be looked at on a character to character basis.

That being said, I like the removal of ult generation from healing on health packs. However, hacking packs to help teammates will become less desirable and they will really only be hacked so Sombra has a decent place to heal up. I think she should be rewarded with ult generation in some way with having health packs hacked whether it be for teammates or denying to enemies. A flat gain to ult charge for someone spamming a pack instead of feeding support ults I don't think is a good idea like it has been, but Sombra could benefit from having some passive ult generation from it. Maybe a 20%-33% increase to passive generation per health pack hacked. This would reward her for taking the time to hack packs for allies and denying them in the enemy team's backline.

It wouldn't be enough to reliably charge her without doing damage still, but would give some incentive to playing smartly as opposed to just going out and doing damage so she can translocate back to heal. The PTR changes don't terribly change her playstyle I think like the devs want, instead it just changes her from getting ult from packs to getting ult from (more reliable) damage.
I think the point of removing the ultimate charge from health packs wasn't to change her playstyle so much as change her map dependency, the Hack on conveniently located health packs is still very useful for the team but no longer absolutely necessary to justify playing Sombra at all.

The changes to Hack are just too far tho', they've made a highly mobile character the universal answer to other highly mobile characters and are guaranteeing that she'll be picked 100% of the time vs and with dive - they are going to piss off so many people and eventually get lynched for bricking dive characters like this, this !@#$ is literally worse than Defense Matrix was and they need to just focus on buffing her spread/damage further so she gets more EMPS and just leave Hack with the .15sec buff only.

I'm honestly shocked they even felt this was ok for PTR, the design team must've been smoking whatever they were passing around for the Mercy rework.
Agreed completely the hack changes seem way over the top. The timer buff is nice, but a lot of Sombra's utility is, and should be, tied up in EMP so I don't know really how well it is going to go over with having her ult charge come strictly from damage. I think hack is great, but these changes should be restricted to EMP if anything.

I would like to see a higher damage threshold for stealth instead of it being 1 as well, but that's a different story altogether.

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