Moira is actually the easiest hero in the game

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Well she's easy to pick up and it sure feels easy to play her but .. this doesn't mean she's easy to win with.

Most of her complexity and "un-easy-ness" comes from decision making, priorities and positioning.

You can go into a game and only deal damage, feels easy, will probably not win the game, you can go into a game and only heal, feels easy, but you probably won't win the game, you can use her ult, stay back and keep spasming onto everything in front of you, feels easy, will probably not win the game.

I would say a hero is easy if someone who is new to the game can play her somewhat efficiently without suffering much drawback when playing against better players. I have a Bronze friend who thinks Moira is easy, let me tell you, he's not very good at her. Either out of healing juice or having only bronze healing or ending up inside or behind the enemy team as cannon fodder.

I wouldn't say she's hard either, but more like in the medium hard category, cause she has forgiving abilities but also has to be aware of a lot of things at the same time.
02/16/2018 12:27 AMPosted by ChillPill
She is even easier than mercy given how easy is it for her to survive.

If you dont agreed, whitch hero is easier than moira?

Survive? Sure. Be impactful? No. Those two things are not one and the same.
02/16/2018 01:17 AMPosted by Squidbarrel
02/16/2018 12:27 AMPosted by ChillPill
She is even easier than mercy given how easy is it for her to survive.

Gotta disagree with that. Moria takes a lot of desicion making skills that Mercy doesn't have in terms of healing vs damaging, and managing her heal resources.

02/16/2018 01:12 AMPosted by Seph

Plus she does 50 (!) DPS,

Pretty sure it's 40 DPS.

Her biotic grasp does 50dps which is still very low.
You have no time spent on Moira whatsoever. Play her for a bit and come back and tell us how easy it is to play her, especially manage her healing resources. She's not just a point and click hero.
When you learn how to play, then yes, she is very easy to survive with.
Aside from snipers, she pretty much can survive anything.

That said, it takes some doing to do so. You need to watch out for healing metter, and don't go dps like an idiot.

If you know how to manage, then you should be a !@#$ing stallion. And I really mean it, most times Moiras are the last character to fall.
02/16/2018 12:54 AMPosted by Kilo
02/16/2018 12:42 AMPosted by CodeBlue

omg heroes require more effort to play them at higher ranks wow! king of enlightening us!
They're different from everyone else though.

They don't require mechanical skill. So they're super easy for noobs to play but require a totally unique skillset to play at higher ranks.

So you mean they require positioning skills only rather than both aim and positioning, got it, totally different and unique
02/16/2018 01:07 AMPosted by Chirenbora
Why do people complain about easy characters from the easiest FPS game?

You're barely plat lmao.

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