Dropping FPS when I press the Tab button

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Since the last few patches, I've been having issues with frame drops all over the place, but it is guaranteed that I drop FPS when I just press the Tab button to look at the "scoreboard". I'll go from 200+ FPS to >100 FPS within a second, and then back to 200+ FPS once I let go of Tab after a few seconds. It's almost like the game things that I alt-tabbed out, and it is trying to save system resources by limiting the FPS that I get.
Turn on Vsync and see if it drops. Tab screen may run at the monitor's refresh rate. (or just more graphics on screen) Kind of like how main menu runs at 60. I run Vsync (144 fps) and don't get drops when hitting tab. I might recall turning Vsync off and noticing your issue.

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