Which is the most toxic rank in competitive?

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I decided to play competitive yesterday and the only communication that people did was blaming other for their own mistakes and faults (I´m in silver by the way). And when I tried calming people down and explaining that other people aren´t "idiot dumb !@!%##@*t noobs" if you make a fault the only answer I got was "shutd up yore mom noob". That got me thinking that how toxic are the different ranks and do they have a big difference.

(I´m in European servers BTW)
I would said most toxic rank is diamond. I can't tell I am not in European servers, in US servers. I would said diamond is most toxic rank in European and US server... I am not sure
In my opinion, mid master. Also EU.
Plat seem's ok. Probably diamond or master.
high gold to low plat tbh
Platinum, everyone is thinks their team is inherently garbage every game
Low Gold is pretty bad
Whatever rank you're in.

Also, all of them.
02/16/2018 01:59 PMPosted by Moltenwh0re
high gold to low plat tbh

Pretty much. I've been stuck here with tricklers who think they're deities and anytime I calmly and reasonably address the issue, I'm actually reported for toxicity.

[CATCHPHRASE]: Junkrat and Reaper won't do much against the Pharah that's crushing our team. Let's get a hitscan character.
[BallsDeep96]: calm tf down i can play wt i want
[BallsDeep96]: also reported :)

But hey, I'm defending the objective and trying to keep my comrades safe. What would I know?
From what I have read the very top and bottom those who are at risk of losing/gaining/top500/GM or those at the very bottom where climbing seems impossible because everyone is very young or is there intentionally to stomp noobs.

I have no experience at either rank so I'm going purely on what I have seen here.
02/16/2018 01:59 PMPosted by Moltenwh0re
high gold to low plat tbh

This is my answer.
all of it

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