Moira cannot be nerfed before Tracer is.

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Just nerf both of them problem solve. I don't even care at this point.
Another best heroes will stay at the top, and forum will demand a nerf to that hero again. Nothing change.
02/16/2018 09:02 PMPosted by Cheddar
02/16/2018 05:49 PMPosted by Astrion
The resulting backdraft would end Overwatch.

If Moira is nerfed before there is any official mention of Tracer, or heroes like Genji or others, getting fixed, the outcry from healer mains everywhere would be gargantuan. The Healers vs DPS war is already escalating to dangerous levels, and is becoming unhealthy for the game. There's already a lot of tension between healers and DPS players, and having the only really good healer we have left nerfed before there's even an official statement on Tracer's strength will be the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

The playerbase will be disparaged. Support players will revolt in whatever way they could, claim that this event would be undeniable proof that the developers favor the fast-paced DPSwatch over a perfect system. Whether or not people think they are correct, people who primarily play supports (who are still reeling from the issues with Mercy) will consider this the nail in the coffin for the state of balance in this game.

We all know this is going to be (relatively close) to what happens if Moira, the current best support, is brought to her knees before Tracer is. It will unravel the community, and will result in a lot of players deciding to leave rather than deal with this headache. It will bleed Overwatch out.

Yea...No offense dude, but I don't think sub-master level players like us should be talking about nerfing or buffing characters. Our game sense just isn't good enough to really judge whether a character should be altered because 9/10 times we are simply too trash to deal with that specific character. And from what I've heard the game is currently the most balanced it has ever been. So, calm yo azz down.
Everyone should have a say. Everyone paid money for this game. Skill ranking shouldn't mean anything.
The game is balanced around tracer

She lacks counters but is perfectly balanced herself in that sense
Same was said if they nerfed mercy and they did and if anything the game became much better

Start accepting it, Moira will be nerfed, Tracer wont be touched at all
02/16/2018 07:36 PMPosted by Scoutaloo
02/16/2018 05:59 PMPosted by ChillPill
Support has been dominating meta from the start how is this dpswatch

DPS is literally the biggest of the three roles.
The Majority of Players mains DPS and in QP its a common sight to have 4+ DPS on a team.
Supports have so far received the majority of substancial nerfs with barely any lasting decent buffs.
Ana's nerf killed the tank meta, which caused dive to rise and make her pretty much useless
Mercy got a rework a lot of Mercy players didn't even ask for that broke her, causing the devs to nerf her into the actually most boring character to play in Overwatch right now
Lucio's rework bascially made him more DPSy
Zen could pretty much fill a dps role as well
Moira was designed to be a dps/support hybrid and gets a ton of flak now since unlike Zen for example she isn't easy to dive on.

Hell, have you seen the OWL? How often did they go first person on a support?
Beyblade (Nano) Meta - Meta decided on OP Anam which ANa has best team wins
Tank Meta - Dominated by Ana , and to a lesser degree Roadhog
Mercy Meta - Dominated by Must Pick Mercy
Dive Meta - Dominated by Winston and high mobility heros, as well as Discord (high burst potential)
Then with all but the Mercy meta, Lucio has been a mustpick since launch, and There was a short period of time where Zen had his own Meta with 50% discord.

The only DPS Meta's were at the launch with OP Mcree and Widow, aside from that DPS has traditionally been the least impactful role in OW, people only believe its the most impactful due to the more noticeable kills. The best Example of this in the pro scene is Lunatic Hai, who won 2 consecutive APEX championships with some of the worst DPS players in the tournament, yet had the best support duo and a top 3 tank duo.
It'll only be the 17th wave of people who claim that they will never play the game again due to a single balance change.

Honestly, I'm not worried, the devs should do what they feel to be the best for the game and not willingly sacrifice balance just because of a couple salty players who refuse to accept things as they are.
02/16/2018 06:31 PMPosted by Skrimiche
There's already a lot of tension between healers and DPS player

There's no such thing as a DPS vs Healers war outside of these forums.

Mercy griefing is getting out of hand
If they nerf Moira, I just don't even know anymore. Part of me would just give up on the game. The other part will still like it.

It's funny, they always seem to go after Supports and tanks but they'll downvote you to oblivion when to slightly criticize some DPS heroes for being just a tiny little tad bit over-performing.
02/16/2018 08:11 PMPosted by ConnieAmore
tbqh i think tracer is ok, cus low health.
hell, mei can one shot her.

btw, soldier is also well rounded. could use with different firing modes,but thats just my opinion.
If i had to say any character was op. I'd say Pharah
I dont really think genji is op except his !@#$ing jumping is annoying, which is where I go winston/symm and just spray him down.
Pharah, if ur good, has no decent/real counters.
You'll have to pick characters that have auto aim, soldier ulting/torb's turret
to do decent damage against her, if pharah has a pocket mercy which she will if they start losing. and if the pharah is gud, she'll focus down her counters while her team pushes so she can gain dominance over the situation which will greatly benefit her team.

K, i wanna change what I said about tracer. I played against a gud tracer earlier in game

and a good tracer can be extremely mobile and blink literally every second.
its extremely annoying and only stun lock enemies can really combat her.
02/16/2018 05:49 PMPosted by Astrion
The Healers vs DPS war is already escalating to dangerous levels

Its gonna explode! Run! XD get outta here with your drama.
02/16/2018 07:34 PMPosted by Edsoulman
Ok. Find me one SR where Tracer has a higher pickrate than Moira.

I’ll be waiting.

So many salty crybabies who are willing to give up on the game if Moira gets nerfed. Pathetic. Is this how you act when things don’t go your way? You go ahead and have a cry and throw all your toys out the pram? That’s pretty sad.

Only Engaging Main healer (a mandatory role if you want to win in comp) vs one of 17 DPS characters. That's like if you ask a bunch of children if they'd rather have the one chocolate treat or one of a bunch of vegetables.
If Blizzard gives us 13 other healers, THEN you can come with the pickrate argument.
02/16/2018 05:59 PMPosted by ChillPill
Support has been dominating meta from the start how is this dpswatch

Yeah that is why triple dps was a thing. I just can't deal with these dps mains
tracer needs a nerf anyway, sadly it'll never happen.
every smurf & aimbot plays tracer xD
Maybe instead of nerfing Moira they could buff the other supports to her level?
Let's keep this thread civil, everyone. We don't need this thread to result in more casualties from this civil war.
Tracer needs a nerf to her Blink recast as it's rarely down. She's a balanced hero but her mobility is in a tier of its own and because of it, has no counter.
Unfortunately Things wont went the way you think or you say , when more cry babies CRY , something sure with change
Hmm, tricky problem. Here's a solution:

Don't nerf either.
And Genji should be added in the title with Tracer.
We don’t need a Moira or Tracer nerf. People just play Moira as DPS instead of a healer, and then get surprised that a healer can do decent damage and ignore her. Tracer can be easily killed. I think a lot of heroes are in a good position right now

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