A player just added me just to send me hate

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02/17/2018 02:18 PMPosted by ImAMistake
Toxic and salty GMs I often encounter in DM send me a friend request to tell me that I'm a mistake and should suicide. Those bastards.

wut? im only a master pleb :S
02/17/2018 02:19 PMPosted by enskojigtyp
02/17/2018 12:30 PMPosted by Shade
I report people very infrequently. I reported someone like this and got a ban message that I think came from my report of them.

The thing is people like this are very habitual. Anyone who is going out of their way to add someone and spam them with messages likely has little self control and has done it to other people and will most likely get banned.

Just report as normal for abusive chat and write out exactly how the person added you as friend and spammed you with messages.

Anyone knows how many reports you can send on the same player without getting punished? I'm a problem-solver and took some time to solve this problem... (why am i even telling you this, the mods gonna see it and perma ban me know kek)

you know what? screw it! rip my acc, but here it comes https://imgur.com/a/plitl
^ Wow that is a lot of sent reports XD

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