What's your favourite D.Va Skin? :3c

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Mine is either Black Cat or Dynasty!
Cop D.va.
I like girls in suit pants.
dva outlaws & officer are the best.
Cruiser hands down.... Followed by Junker.

Watermelon is just too close to my heart, sorry.

Edit: Then again, i played like a maniac trying to get the Cruiser skin during anniversary, and i did get it. So, guess you could call that a close second.
Honestly, I would have to say the classic, white rabbit, or carbon fiber. They fit her personality the most.
Palanquin, Fusion, Spitfire, Outlaws, Gladiators, Black Cat

I’m a fan of simple skins that don’t change a characters weapons too much.
Her Korean summer games skin is still my fave overall.
Cruiser, Police D.Va, and the Boston Uprising recolor are my favorite skins for her.

I love the voice lines and the Meka, oh, and also D.va's outfit is pretty nice.
Junker. I've equipped the Palaquin skin for this event, but otherwise I haven't found a reason to take Junker off.
Cruiser for nostalgia.

Dynasty for sleek look.

Bumblebees for color and texture
I love a lot of her skins, its hard to choose. I really like Cruiser because I'm into that aesthetic, and police DV.a more for her mech than her own cop costume. I think my go to favourite is still her Junker skin though. It's still the only skin where I really love the mech's design and her own outfit change.
Cruiser and Palanquin
both look gorgeous with and without her golden guns
Black cat and Police D.va.

I just rotate any of the OWL skins when I feel like using the default model.
Palanquin, Officer and Black Cat are my go to's.
Cruiser, Bumblebee, Junker, and Palanquin.

Hey Daddy-o!
Scavenger, personally. I like the Tatooine aesthetic, and her gun is pretty sweet.
Default has nicest colors to me, White Rabbit second.

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