How many of you climbed to your rating.

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Got placed at mid-gold after season 2, ended the season just about into diamond.

Went from Diamond to mid masters during season 3.

Went from mid masters to mid GM season 4.

Didnt play OW in season 5, RL issues.

Got put in low masters season 6, climbed back to mid GM, dipped abit back to low GM just before season end.

Pretty much ever since has been yo-yoing from high M to low GM.
Not with this sr system
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The same way I go 6-5 and net 5 sr, then go 2-2 and lose 11. 8-7, positive record, lose 6 sr.

now 3-3, went down 14.

because apparently losing with a leaver nets you -27, while winning with 3 golds (4 with objective kills up till the very end) carrying a 3 dps team as the tank is barely enough to get above average sr with +26.

I know the other two wins were +20 and +21 (because of course they were) so that makes +67 and -27 meaning the other two losses had to be (67+14)-27=54/2=27 so average of -27 for every loss. such a great system.

another 8 games today, 1-7 because apparently it was just a big fluke being mid plat for the last couple seasons, I really was supposed to be mid gold instead. haven't been in the 2300's in ages, but the game knows best, right? oh and just like the examples above, -198 sr over the course of those games, obviously the win was a miniscule +21 because that seems to be the max any game can get (going as low as +14 on some) making the average for each loss -28.3 sr.

because apparently the game thinks im spending the entire game jumping off ledges or some !@#$ to get that kind of ridiculous drop.

to overview, 6-5, gained a measly 5. 2-2 after, lost 11. makes 8-7 for -6. then you have the 3-3 with -14. that makes 11-10 with -20. we're at a 53% win rate here in this example with a loss of sr. 10-11 for -20 would make sense. not the other way around. we also see that it was -27 average for each of those 3 losses.

then we have 7 losses (with each loss averaging -28.3 sr) making 11-17 for -218 to finish with 1 win at +21 total 12-17 for -197. look at that for a sec. that's a difference of only 5 games, yet almost 200 points difference. if wins and losses were acutally equal, that would come out to almost -40 points per loss. but they're not, because i keep gaining 14-21 for wins and -28 for losses.
In Season 5 I placed in 1100. I was new. I barely knew how any Ults work (McCree for example. I had 0 idea on how it worked, just to avoid it. I couldn't even use it properly myself).

I put in 160 hours in Season 5 comp season. I climbed to just over 2500 (Season was still 3 months then).

In Season 7 I made it to Diamond.

In Season 8 I made it to Masters.

I really only played Lucio, Ana, Hog, and Rein.
Been stuck in Silver since season 3, climbed 351 SR this season to a career high of 2126, shattering my previous career high of 1890ish I did back in like season 5 or something. Fell into bronze a couple seasons ago, climbed back to where i am thanks mostly in part to mainly Dva, Orisa, and more recently Moira.
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And if so, how long did it take you?

In my experience most people stay where they place, and in the rare instances where they do climb it's on a new account that gains a ridiculous amount of rating compared to an older account that barely gains enough rating to break even.

I realistically doubt that a lot of you could climb to your current rating from Bronze based on how hard it is to climb through Bronze or Silver without forming a pre-made.

I started around the bronze level in season one and over the seasons I am now mid gold. I moved from Bronze to silver in season 2 and moved through silver to gold by season 4. In season 5 I was councils between low silver and low gold but at that time I started leaning more characters. In the last few seasons I've started to stabilize at mid gold and slowly starting to move towards plat.

It's not impossible to climb out of Bronze or any rank of you are willing to take the time to improve. Here are the things I have been doing to climb.

1. Don't be negative: The worst thing you can do is get down on yourself. If you tell yourself you can't get better you won't. Being negative also effects the morale of your team. I've seen completely winnable games go sideways because someone on our team freaks out. I've also seen games get turned around for the better because our team encouraged each other and we banded together.

2. Don't blame external factors on your losses: You may hear this a lot but I 100% agree with focusing on what you can control and not on what you can't. You can't control your team mates that you play with, the map that you get, mistakes made by other players and how the system is designed. You however can control your own decisions, thoughts, fixing your own mistakes and your improvement. When I find myself focusing on external factors (because it is a natural thing to do), I double down on improving my own performance. I have found that the times I dip in SR are the times that I start to focus on these things. However when I actively try to stop doing it, I find myself climbing back. Also when it comes to other players, you need to cut them some slack because they are also at the same rank as you. You are very likely making the same mistakes they are so use the information they give you as a learning tool. If you see a teamate make a mistake that looses you the game then make a mental note not to do that yourself. Never get mad at them for it because they are learning just like you.

3. Recording my own gameplay: I noticed huge improvements after I started to do this. When I play them back I pay attention to each play and work out exactly what happened. Then I look at my decisions and actions and I try to find out how I could have made better decisions or see where I need to practice more. I also try to see what the enemy team did right and what mistakes they made that allowed us to win.

4. Doing drills: I do different drills to practice things I have found that I want to improve on. If I want to practice tracking I use Lucio bots with their healing and attack abilities disabled and I play tracer and just practice tracking them. I will do the same to do aim drills with other characters. The goal is not to be fast but to be accurate and to repeat the same task over to build muscle memory. The more I do this the more I find I am automatically performing the mechanical skills during a game without having to think about it.

5. Research: I have likely seen hundreds of videos and guides on the game at this point. I don't do everything go that has been said but I do test it and form my own opinions. I've looked up aim guides and have worked at developing my aim through the verious different techniques given. I have picked and chosen what has worked best for me and developed it from there. I look at character guides to see other perspectives on playing a character and I have also made sure to learn every character so I have a better idea how to play against them.

6. Never stopping the above: I have slacked on a few things here and there but every time I do I stop improving. improvement is an ongoing process. As you climb you start playing more difficult opponents who are less susceptible to tricks you got away with at lower ranks. As you move up your opponents also make less mistakes and this have less openings and are also much more aware of their surroundings. As you move up you have to learn new ways to outplay your opponents, have tighter positioning, better risk assessment, more improved awareness and have more improved mechanical skill. It's a never ending cycle and it doesn't end even when you get to the top.

Remember when you stop trying to improve is the time you actually stop improving. You can't magically climb just because you keep playing. Ypu don't have to play to learn but if you want to play that way then you should not expect to climb. You have to put effort in just like anything else in life.
Compared to where I ended last season, I gained 523 SR this season. I was solo queuing for 99% of that. I rarely filled and I would play either or Moira. I played Mercy before she got nerfed now I never play her. I think I only played Mercy one time post nerf and we won that game. Mercy really isn't in a bad place and I think people are over-exaggerating about her "nerfs."
I was placed in bronze in season 3. Took about 40 hrs to climb to gold. I can't remember if I hit plat in season 4 or 5. Ended last season at like 2830 and was placed in gold this season(!). Only played a handful of hours this season but got back to plat.
from silver to mid plat took around 130 or so games. its just awful being a tank main(fill player, will literally play anything to fill out a comp) struggling to find dps who even want to stand behind the shield you are offering them. or finding a dps player who pulse bombs into your grav, or literally anyone who follows up on your big meaty 4+ ultimate.
I play solo q Sombra.

I'm forever stuck at 1900-2200. I don't have any plans of getting out of that bracket as long as this game goes on. I realized I have to be fine with this.
Excluding the first season where I climbed to 59 or so from 40 sixstacking I climbed to masters from gold in season 2-5.
Mostly on 3 heroes. (Rein/Lucio/Hog).
Since then I have expanded my hero pool to well, everything. My worst heroes are Tracer/Doomfist and I have a middiamond account for those. Everything else I can more or less play at masters level.
I also kinda lost my drive to strife for gm. I just get bored by a role to easily nowadays.
And focusing on a core few heroes seems to boring right now. Who knows, maybe next season.
I've been diamond every season (minus Season 1--some number thingy-a-bob-a-doodle-with very tiny time placed into it. Basically just placement matches and then a few losses).

Opened alt account recently, diamond after placements in 2-3 games.

Got placed directly into masters this season by winning almost all my games. Been floating low master since.
Placed 2200 this season because I ended 2280 something last season (had a season high of 3074 with 90 hours of gameplay) I climbed to diamond 3176 in 63 hours of total gameplay)

Now im bouncing between low/high plat.
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And if so, how long did it take you?

In my experience most people stay where they place, and in the rare instances where they do climb it's on a new account that gains a ridiculous amount of rating compared to an older account that barely gains enough rating to break even.

I realistically doubt that a lot of you could climb to your current rating from Bronze based on how hard it is to climb through Bronze or Silver without forming a pre-made.
how do you even not climb at all? It seems like it would be actively difficult not to learn and improve at all unless you only play when drunk.
I started in season 4 and placed at around 2.3k SR, Last week I hit GM. Overwatch is a game that you can truly improve at over time. It just takes a lot of game time and the right mind set to better your own play.
I climbed to mid-high plat this season and i started at 1500sr in season 4
I stay at my placement in every season, I think. But my placement results are better every season.
I think I started in Bronze...
Placed at 43 season one and gold in season 2.

Climbed my way up to plat in season 2 or 3 and stayed there 'till I improved my game, then I climbed to Diamond in season 6 or 7.

Every time I work on improving my game I climb. When I don't play consistently, I fall. But I always stop after 2 consecutive losses.
800 at my lowest climbed to career high of 2300ish. Placed Bronze season 3 and it's been a struggle. I usually climb a new rank every 2 seasons or so. Hoping to hit Plat before the off-season.
Preface: Have never played a FPS before this one. Haven't put a lot of time into researching improvement techniques until this season.

Hit 57 in S1. Was discouraged to continue playing because of toxic friends. Skipped S2. Placed silver in S3. Slowly climbed from silver to plat (S2-S7). There was a time when I dipped all the way down to like 1100, then climbed back to 2500 over the course of a couple days. Couldn't get past 2700ish for a long time. Then hit diamond for the first time a couple days ago. Currently sitting high plat because of some bad games today.

So yes, I climbed. I'm not great but I'm better than I was when I started.

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