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Main to play alongside?

I like playing alongside reins/orisas mains since they shield me and i can setup calmly and not be paranoid all the time
if i am zarya, any main healer...without them, i cannot shine, they help me do what i do, without them, i am nothing

Heals for days, plus I can guard her to Rez
Moira because she helps me cause mayhem and heals~
any support main really lol. i do play zen and moira a lot tho
Tank mains, for they do the one thing that I cannot.

Or will not. Depends on how you slice it.
Any of the supports.

Any of them;)
02/18/2018 09:48 PMPosted by JellyandJam
Any of the supports.

Any of them;)

Does that include Symmetra mains like me? :)

As for me, I like Lucio/Mercy for the speed boost and the guaranteed healing/damage boost. Will definitely melt everyone's faces off.
I like to shield Bastion. I like to watch Bastion mow everything down, then I stand right in his view and and wave; then continue to shield. I like it when they wave back at me as if to say, "yeah you're cool".
I’ll never get tired of working with a Reinhardt main, spamming shots into their back as they hold the line, and nanoing them when I hear the *THUD*.

Reinhardt mains, I’ll always have your back.
another support, so i dont go into "oh no, I'm dead, oh no the team, fall back, fall back pleeease...." and helplessly watching their silhouette goes from green to orange to skulls from the spawn room.

tanks are also rare here in qp, it's always a pleasant experience having them around.
Zarya that uses bubbles to save people instead of free charge
When I'm playing Zenyatta, I noticed I always tend to have more fun games with Moira mains. It's just fun keeping each other healed up, while also dealing a ton of damage. It's like the killer support main duo haha.

When I'm playing D.Va, I noticed Winston mains tend to want to work together a lot and it's always a lot of fun flying in and wreaking havoc.

But I will, no matter who I play, take a Reinhardt main. I've been protected so much by them, there's a soft spot in this heart for them.
I love healing them as Ana.
I love backing them up as D.va.
I'm pretty sure there is some Rein main conspiracy to boost me, because there is no way I deserve to win some of the games I'm with them.
Reinhardt mains. they have the same outlook in life as Bastion mains. I always try to bait a Genji or a Hanzo close for the big guy so he can slay dragons.
Well, from what I remember it was Mercy and Ana mains. I love to play with any healing support actually, I just prefer these two because I am a very agressive Reinhardt.
Hmm, either Bastion so I can throw him a shield while helping him mow down the team with my Fusion drivers or a Reinhardt to fill in for when my shield is down.
Hanzo or widow because they protect from long range

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