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Blizzard, please publish the details of your MMR and SR algorithms. What do they take into account, what do they disregard?

I feel that having that information available would help to inform the player base as to what we are doing wrong, or right.

If you are unable or unwilling to do so, please explain why.

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taegrr 4 prez!
02/19/2018 12:22 PMPosted by Tactician
taegrr 4 prez!

100% behind taegrr request.

however, bronzes cant be prez i just cant get behind that. not figurehead material. vice prez ok. its acceptable but possibly looks token.
Good luck we asked that since season 1.
I wrote an explainer at: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20761096463

Most of the references point to blue posts describing the system. It may not have the level of detail you are looking for, but there is quite a bit there.
Before I would have said that revealing the information would cause the player base to not play for the team to abuse the system. However people are doing that right now anyway even without knowing how the performance metrics work so there would be no harm.

I have a theory about how it works and I think it has something to do with how the POTG system is also set up. My theory is that the performance metrics measure impact rather then pure stats. I've noticed that the POTG system will prioritize certain plays based on their overall impact on the game state rather then the overall numbers. If the POTG system is using this that means the game is keeping track of how much impact your plays have.

Examples of this would be:

- Hog hooks a target. Did the target die, did that target dying result in a point capture or hold?

- Rein uses his ult. how many players did he CC. How's just damage/elims did that contribute to. Did it result in a won team fight?

- Lucios auras, how many times is he using boost. What was the impact of his boosts. Did they corilate to a won team fight or are they leading to no value.

- Are Zen's discord targets being killed? What percentage of the kills are because of Zen. How many of those assists contributes to won team fights.

- Did you use an ability to shut down an enemy ult.

- How often are you saving your teammates from getting killed?

Those are just some examples, but I think in general the game is actually paying attention to the impact you are having on the game as a whole rather then your stats. This would mean that playing for your team and performing your role correctly and expertly is what gains you more SR. It also means that playing with your team increases your chances of having more impact.

If this is true I would love to hear from the Devs that I'm right so that we can finally end the selfish play style that has been going on for too long.

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