Am I sexist?

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I'm admittedly a new Overwatch player but through a large buffer period of practice on quickplay I did my placement matches and somehow made gold ranking in my first competitive season.

I read on these forums that it's important to be non-toxic and positive in voice chat so your teammates are encouraged to work hard to win.

So, at the start of a game I went on chat and said "Let's win this, boys!"

One teammate typed in chat "Did you just assume my gender?"

A second teammate said "Throwing for sexism."

JK, right? Nope, the match started and our Mercy hucked him/herself off the cliff without remorse. This is a rated game.

What do you folks think.. Am I a victimizer or a victim?

This is through the lens of someone who's been out of university for 5 or so years and doesn't know what to think of the whole social justice warrior thing.

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Sounds like someone who just wanted a reason to throw. They could have just said "I'm a girl, but sure" and that would have been the end of it.
Honestly I have no idea what you encountered.
If someone called me a boy in chat or something, I really wouldn't care. If you deliberately call someone that and they don't want you to it's one thing, but you have no way of knowing if they're male or female.

You just got unlucky I guess.
.. You got into a game with idiots it seems. Sorry.
That's just someone being an idiot. You aren't sexist.

EDIT: I'm a girl and call everyone dude or man just because that's how I casually talk. I'm also a feminist. These things you said or I say aren't sexist.
Anybody who uses the line "did you just assume my gender" is a male doing a troll on you, lad.
Hate when people act like that. I use "guys" when talking to a group no matter what their gender(s) is/are. Then some people just overreact.
Even if you had said 'boys and girls' they probably would have gotten onto you for using the diminutive 'girl' if you said 'ladies and gentlemen' they would have said you were excluding trans people or something.
It was just somebody mocking the oversensitive. Not being content with that, he decided to be a jerk in his own way. I seriously doubt anyone was truly offended.
Oh my lord, everyone is so PC these days.

As long as you aren't acting like the male gender is superior then you're fine.
02/19/2018 06:36 PMPosted by VersaceJorts
Anybody who uses the line "did you just assume my gender" is a male doing a troll on you, lad.

100% accurate. I guarantee that almost every person who have ever used this phrase is just a dude trolling and being a snowflake.
You're sure you didn't just made that up? I played so many games and stuff like that never happened in my matches.
And well, I'm pretty sure that you know that you're not sexist. That thread is a joke, right?
I'm a woman and I call my team "boys" all the time. I don't bother correcting people who "assume my gender," either. Who the hell cares?
You just got matched with idiots.
That person was more than likely a troll.
Nah. Guys assume my gender all the time. First time it happened a guy said "thanks, bro!" for helping him with some achievement and when I replied that I was a girl, he said "So? Girls can be bros too." Ever since then I don't make a big deal about guys saying thanks dude/bro/man or something like let's go, boys. Sounds like that person was just being a jerk. :)
I have never really cared for the assumption, in any game, that the people you are grouped with are all male. It makes gaming feel like it's some sort of boys club, and can sometimes make any subsequent commentary by me (a woman) feel a bit uncomfortable at times. People have also taken it as their cue to harass me if I speak. I used to correct it everytime, but I don't bother talking at all these days for the most part. It's just overall a pretty minor thing. And this is something just true to gaming, not just Overwatch.

That said, I have never, ever thrown over such a thing. I would never throw over such a thing. That Mercy player was completely out of line. To me personally it's like the Internet equivalent of trying to beat someone up because they accidentally stepped on your shoe.
Of course not. You don't even know who the hell they are.

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