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Apparently, recently, a leak showed that a license plate in Junkertown said the following: L03-20J. And there is a clapperboard in hollywood with the numbers: 03, 20, 27,04, 29, 8888. Thoughts?
*horrid flashbacks of Sombra release rushing through head*

Uhh hehe ya sure... why not add some mysterious hints to #27 right?
The hint was the hero is already known and in the game.

Known characters active in game right now are-

Junker Queen (Who is currently just an announcer's voice.) Several data leaks and the Junkertown trailers hinted at heavy voice acting work being done which is a clue to a hero development being in progress.

Hammond who is featured in Horizen Lunar Colony as an easter egg in many little corners of the space station. From his hints at origins what he might be capable of and the things he might have equiped such as security gear such as a stun baton and maybe experimental devices.

My third theory is the passenger in hollywood. Halfred glitchbot of something other. I highly doubt a comedic relief voice character is going to be a character but its still a possibility as he's been with us since release.

Efi even some to mind and yet shooting a young child seems very....troublesome. So I doubt they'll add her unless she's inside a mech suit. Granted Orisa is much younger but she is an Ominic and we all know Dva to be a fully grown woman.

The server bots and training bots are also highly unlikely as they do not fit the profile of a new hero. The giant Volskya Industries bot falls in line with the unlikely section.

Harold Winston (the scientist that watched over baby Winston.) featuring in Lijang Command Tower having his wheelchair teplacing one office's chair behind a desk. Hinting he'll take a role in lore or something soon. Though I doubt they'll add in a crippled man.

The dead scattered along Eichenwalde is another possibility and yet I'm sure we won't get another Reinhardt or Bastion.

The robotic parts hanging in Anubis or the statue of Anubis itself will not be a new hero. Characters featured in sprays may not make the cut. Such as Ana's husband aka Pharah father. The punch kid from the original Overwatch trailer. The alien probe character. Rikimaru. Pachimaru. The wrestling bear in Zarya's sprays. Orisa's puppy. So on and so forth.

So in my conclusion I believe the two most suitable releases would have to me Hammond or Junker Queen. Now we knoe the Junker Queen isn't completely hashed out as a character so I don't see her coming before Hammond who has had plenty more time to be worked on since Lunar Horizen Colony came much ealier. So logically Hammond would have to come before Junker Queen who really needs another name.

So my guess is Hammond. He's been in long enough to fit the clues and has been hyped ever since his map came out.
Yeah I agree with Remedy, if you look at the original artist's drawing for the Moira origin story vs. the Youtube video, the graphs behind Doomfist have been swapped out for ones that feature an armored figure as well as a DNA strand, what looks like chromosomes and perhaps a neuron? There's also Sanjay Korpal featured in-front of those graphs but if Blizzard just started making communication with Karthik Vasan I think he might be down the road.

Moira Origin slide original: https://nesskain.deviantart.com/art/OW-Moira-Origin-Story-part-4-5-713704111

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