Journey through the Bronze Inferno Part Deux

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Hello all you folks out there. It seems that my last thread reached its cap, so I'm starting a new one. Hopefully when people read the first posts here, they will see what I am trying to do and not just type, git gud lol. So I'm going to say a couple of things before I talk about today's games:

  • I know that I need to/can get better at the heroes I am playing, and that is in part why I am doing this.
  • Part of this is to show how bad games can be at the Bronze level for someone who doesn't already have an account that is high ranking, I often see people with Plat accounts talk about how the can get out of Bronze easily, you're already in Plat, I'm not. My stats are improving, at this time of writing I ahve a great than 50% win-rate as Orisa and over 40% with Winston
  • I can't stream/ record my games my settings are bad. I am running an older Asus Laptop with a Intel Corei7 - 3620QM Processor at 2.4GHz. My graphics card is a Geforce GT 635M with 2GB. I can't afford a new computer right now as I am unemployed and looking for a job. It sucks. I am partially writing all of this to also get back into the habit of writing more.
  • I don't have many people I play with and don't really know anyone personally who plays. I usually play around 11pm-1am EST
  • I have been playing Tanks mostly, as my attempts to play as Soldier ended poorly. I do want to try to play Junkrat more, as I actually have fun playing with him

Thank you, and enjoy....
Games Today: 2
0 Victory, 2 Defeat
Game 27: Junkertown
Defeat 3-2
Played: Roadhog

This was a winnable game, and again, if the team had worked together better, we could have won. What happens when you have a Reaper fighting a tank, is the tank going to win that fight? Sit back and ask yourself, looking at a lower level game, would a Reaper, being ignored by an enemy’s team DPS have a huge advantage? Yes, yes he would, and that’s what happened here, along with just bad play.

On Attack we had Rein, Soldier, Pharah, Roadhog, Lucio/Moira, and Mercy. Our initial rollout wasn’t the cleanest, with the team kinda needing to be encouraged to go out and engage, again, that kind of poking that people do that causes most of the game to actually take place when the 60 second timer hits. However, I flanked hard right, hooked a D.Va and we started on our way. The enemy D.Va, initially in the match acted strangely, as she was behind us most of the first point attack. It was scattered and we were able to clean up the enemy team, but this was a team where you could see them start working together better, and with one of them, the enemy Soldier I believe, changing to Reaper things started getting a lot more difficult halfway through the second area. Again, it was a messy fight, all the way through, I had a hook rate of about 54%, and there were some I missed that I shouldn’t have, and I took some positioning risks that paid off, and some that ended up causing me and Mercy to Die, so it was a mixed bag on my part. One thing that I noticed is that I was able to call out enemies setting themselves up to ult, Reaper and D.Va I called twice, but our team held onto ults for much too long, especially our supports. It made it harder to take the second point, but we did. Pushing into third, the Reaper really became a problem, our Soldier and Pharah kind of ignored him, and he would tear Rein, our supports, and us up, and it kind of fell apart from there. There was a lot of trickling, and even when we did coordinate a push, it wasn’t executed well, our Soldier, suddenly popping his Tactical Visor with a D.Va in his face and an Orisa shield guarding most of the team, stuff like that. Again and again the Reaper kept killing us. I tried, stupidly, a few times to circle around the enemy but I was killed very quickly. We got about half way through the third point before the time ended. Not the worst thing, but there were cracks that the enemy were exploiting.

We had mostly the same lineup on Defense, we had a Reaper instead of a Pharah. We were, to be honest, rolled in the first point, again, the Reaper was ignored and the supports were the first to go. Our DPS were killed and then Rein and I were taken out trying to back off. Our team wasn’t aware of the enemy flanking and were just on the payload outside of spawn, really bad positioning. Since our respawn was staggered, two of our supports and Soldier tried to go to the point, and that didn’t end well for them, and unfortunately it was also right as the enemy team reached the second point. Our Defense here was better than the first, but I found myself having a harder time, again, due to Reaper, being able to get the work done needed to help my team. We held on the turn for some time, but not too terribly long, and the point was taken. At this point, our Mercy went Bastion. That did not go well. And out defense on the third point did not go well. Our Soldier rage quite, and again, Reaper was able to run wild and kill. I hooked his ult once, preventing the final blow, but it was more just the inevitable tide washing over us. Not good.

1292 SR

Game 28: Lijiang Tower
Defeat 2-0
Played: Moira, Lucio

This game with something going wrong. For some reason I could not select my hero until they timer for the start of the match started, I didn’t load into chat, anything until then, so I was stuck playing a support hero because no one wants to play them, unless they are a main. This game was really frustrating, as we were so close to taking the first game, but due to the way the team played, we lost it and were crushed on the second map.

The first map was Night Market, we had: Moira, Sym, Rein, D.Va, Pharah, and Soldier, we moved straight to the point, and were able to keep the enemy off, taking the point. The team was kind of scattered from here on out, with our Symmetra, Rein, and Pharah overextending. There were several times were the D.Va, Soldier and I were holding the point by ourselves, but the enemy was never able to quite make a good push us. Thankfully the healing orbs helped while I was able to do some damage. However, once ults came up for the enemy team we had a harder time and it was a scrap for the point. Our Soldier never used his ult when he could, and that was kind of frustrating, as I think it would have made the mid round a bit easier for us. We took the point to 99% though before losing it. This is when it all fell apart. The Symm didn’t change, and our Rein would charge in by himself, die, and repeat the cycle, and we never really pushed together, so it was a muddled mess of attacks that I couldn’t really help team sustain. The Sym eventually went Lucio after hemming and hawing about it, but it was too late. We lost the round 100-99.

Gardens was one of the worst games of Overwatch I have played. Hands down. The Sym/Lucio wanted to go Moira, so I let him, but he took so long the round started before he changed. The Rein went Bastion, and like any terrible Bastion, went into Turret mode, shot some, and was instantly killed. I played Lucio, and tried to get the team to move together, escorting people from spawn to the line, but it didn’t work. The team just staggered went to the point by themselves, and just died. We lost 100-0. I don’t know what else I can say about how I did. I was trying to keep my team alive, and did get on the point with our tanks, well, we had several different tanks as the comp kept changing, and I tried to boop people off the point and deal damage, but I couldn’t get anything of significance done. I had gold elims most of the game and ended having silver, so I think that says something about the rest of the team. Not a good game.

I know some of y’all will think, and possibly say, man, you keep blaming your teammates, but when you are playing a support, and sometimes the only healer, it's hard to not have to rely on your teammates to actually win. Also, some of you may say I have hit my skill ceiling, which, I think is dead wrong. These were just two games where I saw what happened to cause my loss, and I will try to do better next time, its just annoying to deal with players who frankly shouldn’t be in competitive

1274 SR

Total SR Loss, 43 SR
...could you maybe not?

the last 2342343 posts made your point. we've all made our point.

as of now you either need to only queue with friends/premade.. post youtube of your gameplay so we can see if youre doing something wrong.. or make a new acct and see if you place significantly higher on that =/

no offense mate, i feel yer pain.. just think the forums could be put to good use dealing primarily with game balance. we're starting to see signs of life but the devs are still making very puzzling decisions o_O
I know you got at least my alt added (AaronBurr) and I'm free all of next week, just hit me up lmao.
I'm branching out to dps/tanking on it, so should be fun. (Plus its in high silver, so you should get more competent teammates from group sr alone)

Planning to queue with friends to do Sym/Lucio/Mercy, if you want in.
02/15/2018 12:14 AMPosted by SaidTheBear
...could you maybe not?

the last 2342343 posts made your point. we've all made our point.

as of now you either need to only queue with friends/premade.. post youtube of your gameplay so we can see if youre doing something wrong.. or make a new acct and see if you place significantly higher on that =/

no offense mate, i feel yer pain.. just think the forums could be put to good use dealing primarily with game balance. we're starting to see signs of life but the devs are still making very puzzling decisions o_O

There is a neat thing called ignore on forums. Use it if you don't want to see his/her post. Nothing wrong about op post.....
Games Today: 2
1 Victory, 0 Defeat

Game 29: Junkertown
Defeat 1-0
Played: Defense: Junkrat Attack: Junkrat, Roadhog

This game made me angry. With a defense round that went relatively well in the final half, to literally not moving the payload, this was an example of how bad a game can turn, no matter how well you think it is going. Also, leavers are frustrating, especially when you lose and it takes 20+ SR.

Defending we had: Moira, Symmetra, Bastion/Mercy, Junkrat, Orisa and Mei/Hanzo. It started off shakily, as we weren’t positioned well, but we started getting picks and were able to hold the enemy team back. The Symmetra, for some reason set up a shield generator, that was too far back to be used in the initial defense area, and not terribly helpful overall. One thing I will say is that I could have used my traps more, my accuracy with the concussion mines seems to be pretty good, I’m able to keep getting combo elims with them, but I did find myself dying more than I should have. This could initially be due to us only having one healer, but I made a conscious effort to go after health packs. We soon found ourselves losing the fight, I tried to back off but was taken out by a flanking D.Va. We tried to contest the payload in the open area before the first point, but we were unable to do so effectively and it was taken. This was where the Mei went Hanzo and the Bastion went Mercy, and the Mercy was a great boon. We started working better together and were able to hold off the enemy. Their first attack was repelled, the second was more successful, however, I was able to set up in the building in the middle and send my RIP Tire to their backline and end the fight. From then on it was just maintaining the line so to speak, spamming the choke points and causing them to fall from the high ground with Orisa’s Halt and my mines. I was killed a few times, and the final time was in the last 60 seconds. It hit overtime, I was at the large door to the third point, my team was cleaning up on the payload and I sent out my tire. I went through the building again, and killed a Hanzo running to the point, and that was that.

10 seconds before the Attack round started, one of our players left. What came next was a terrible round where I switched from Junkrat to Roadhog to try to be able to move out, take out the enemy Torb and Sym turrets and get the payload moving. However, seemingly disheartened by the leaver, the team mostly just kept trying to poke from the center spawn door. There were numerous lineup changes, but they were seemingly futile, as the Torb turret, which I was able to destroy a few times, the Sym sentries, and Rein kept our team from moving the payload. It was a terrible round, one of the most embarrassing that I have ever played.

1250 SR

I don’t understand the loss of SR over 20 when you have a leaver and lose, thile I understand that any loss should come with a dropping in SR, the whole system is predicated on having teams that collectively create a 50% chance of a win, with the spread that can come in games, I would imagine that one person leaving could alter, quite heavily the statistics. That’s just my thoughts, no basis in facts, so I do not know if this is true.

Game 30: Illios
Victory: 2-1
Played: Roadhog

I took a break, sat back and decided to play another game, and I’m glad I did. Well, this game was closer than it needed to be, but I am satisfied with how it went. I got a higher hook accuracy, around 60%, higher elims, and more self healing, than I have had in previous matches, I made a bigger impact, which is always good.

The first map was Well, and we had Roadhog, Moira, Lucio, Soldier/Junkrat, Junkrat/Pharah, and McCree. We took the point initially, due in part to getting to the point first and being aggressive with it. I was able to peel their healer, a Zen in the first go, and take out their Orisa, trying to shield the team. After taking the point we held it for some time, with the only problem being a Junkrat that took the high ground who most of the team ignored for some reason, I helped bring him down off his perch a few times, but he was a nuisance. I also was able to hook the enemy Roadhog into the Well a few times, I’m rather proud of that. However, the enemy team started to change up their comp and our defficines were shown. Our McCree, to be honest, was a terrible shot and could not hit most anyone. I had Gold elims through the first round, and with a Pharah and Reaper on their team, who weren’t being targeting properly, I had a hard time breaking down their Orisa shield and peeling the healers like I needed to. We lost the point here and weren’t really grouping up. I think we actually were in overtime when we lost it. We made a few plays for it, but our ult usage, mine included, wasn’t able to take a team fight. We lost the round.

Going into Ruins we had, Moira, Lucio, Roadhog, D.Va, McCree, and Reaper. The initial fight was messy. I died to the Reaper a lot this round, which I was frustrated with, and a few times I was just in a bad spot, trying to get a hook on someone and would be ambushed. Reaper is a hard counter, and unchecked can be an unholy forced to be reckoned with. The first time we lost the point was in fact due to him, and his ult. He took out our healers, then myself, he was certainly the most aggressive of the enemy team. I was a bit forceful in the voice comms about grouping up and pushing in together, and calling out the Reaper, and being able to take him out first, we were able to capture the point and keep it ticking up. They had someone leave at this point, a D.Va, so we had a numbers advantage, still, the enemy team was still able to almost retake the point. Grouping up again, knowing who had ults up, we were able to repel the final attack and win the round.

On Lighthouse, our team was too cocky, for some reason seeing that they had a player down, who rejoined during this round, our D.Va went Rein and charged all the way to the enemy spawn, dying and doing it again. Our McCree, with his inability to land shots consistently, did this as well. We were able to take the point initially, but the Reaper, again, being aggressive, was able to take out the healers and myself, alone on the point. This round became a back and forth, when it should have been simpler, but we grouped up again and took the point. I landed a hook when the enemy Moira was ulting, and I was proud of that. In the end though, the enemy could never coordinate an attack that dislodged us once we had the point.

1274 SR

You know what, okay.

Total SR Gain 0 SR
Games Today: 2
1 Victory, 1 Defeat

Game 31: Hanamura
Defeat: 1-0
Played: Attack: Roadhog Defense: Orisa

This was aggravating, as I was doing more as a Roadhog than our DPS and our support, with Gold elims and Silver healing, my 2,075 compared to our Mercy’s 3,000 or so, I felt like this team wasn’t good. Hook accuracy was 60%, I was getting elims, I was peeling people, but the team couldn't pull this match together, even against a team with four support mains.

Attacking our team had: D.Va, Roadhog, Moira, Genji, Junkrat, and Mercy. Coming out of the door there was an enemy Junkrat and our Genji chased him down. Good start, I thought. The Orisa was at the choke, I chipped down her shield and hooked her, the Junkrat was still alive, I didn’t realize he got away, I pushed in, but our team didn’t really move in, we had an advantage and we didn’t take it. I got to the point and the team kind of came in, not commiting. The long and messy fight on the point lasted most of the round. The enemy was running: Soldier, Reaper, Zenyatta, Orisa, Junkrat, and Mercy. The Reaper was a big problem that our DPS ignored. I also saw our Mercy go to the point and just stop, not moving, not healing, nothing. The Reaper was unchallenged for the most part, and got his Ult very quickly, three times in a row without dying. Once the fight started going the way of the enemy, we didn’t group up, they just staggered to the point, extending the fight, yes, but never actually making progress on the point. I was doing the best I can to move with a few other people, but since everyone was pretty much just feeding the enemy, it was hard to make a coherent push to lodge them from the point. We ended the round taking 58% of the first point.

The second round did not last long. We had: Orisa, D.Va, Torb, Moira, Hanzo, and Lucio. I set up at the choke, D.Va and Lucio were with me. The enemy team was running a Junkrat so my shield was hard to keep up, and the amount of damage we were putting out was unable to hold the enemy back for long. I tried to fall back to the point, but, again, Reaper was unchallenged. I was only barely able to make it to the point again before the enemy had ults and finished off the point. Bad game.

1253 SR

Game 32: Eichenwalde
Victory: 1-0
Played: Defense: Orisa Attack: Roadhog

This was a very good game. While not having constant communication, everyone had a good sense of where the enemy was, what was going on and what needed to be done, allowing for a relatively easy win. I have noticed, on this, and a few other maps, it is rare, at this level to get much beyond the first point.

Defending first, we had: Orisa, Bastion, Torb, Mercy, Junkrat and Ana. This was good for sustaining a near constant fire on the enemy, breaking down their Orisa, later Rein and Orisa shields, quickly. It was just a matter of holding the choke. The enemy team at first tried Orisa, Soldier, Hog, and others, but they could not make any progress through the choke. There was a Reaper, but all he did was try to go straight to the point to pull the team away. This did not work. The enemy then tried to go through the left, to me, room, I laid down my shield to cover part of the choke and the room, giving us a decent protection. Baiting hooks with fortify and bringing in the enemy into turret and Bastion fire with Halt, I helped to make sure they never had a cohesive push. They then tried to run a Bastion of their own, which made holding the shield more difficult, but he was quick to be taken out by myself and our Bastion. I died once, in the last 60 seconds, having fortified to negate some damage from the Bastion, I was hooked and killed by the enemy Roadhog. However, by the time I re spawned and was headed for the point, the round ended.

Attacking, we knew the enemy would have a Bastion. We went Roadhog, D.Va, Orisa, Mercy and Ana. We knew we had to be aggressive and take out whatever shielding they had. I went around the side and in the right room. I was able to hook the enemy D.Va, but I was unable to de-mech her. I pushed onwards and out towards the Bastion. I hooked him, but I was taking too much damage and I was killed despite taking a breather. We essentially reset at this point, and doing the same thing again, I was able to get the de-mech, this, essentially caused the enemy Pharah to try to ult into the right room, which she missed completely. I then hooked and killed Bastion, this caused their Mercy to ult and rez Bastion. I proceeded to Whole Hog, killing him again, their Orisa, and chipping down the Mercy to be killed by our D.Va, we pushed the point and won.

1284 SR

Total SR Gain 10 SR
My friend.... can I suggest you stop this? Overanalysing games like this must zap the fun from it! This is literally the worst thing you could do for your morale. Also... nobody reads what you're writing. Why would they care?

It's a game, not a chore.

Can I suggest that you just enjoy playing in bronze for what it is? Every game is a training sessions and eventually you will play better and carry yourself out naturally. Learn widow/soldier, instalock them if you have too just for the practise.

Pick your favourite hero and stay with it. Watch advanced youtube guides and watch streamers who are known for that hero.
Don't listen to that guy, yes there is a problem with bronze, yes will be heavily stacked against you, and a lot of times unfair. It's good you are anaylzing games, but you prob should just anaylze your own gameplay more ,,you are gonna get scrubs and zeros in this game ..especially at your rank

I no longer play my main ...because of the problems. You are not imaining things.
Okay, ya know what, I'm done posting these. Over and over again I get the same comments from people. If people don't realize that it is hard to carry other people who don't know how to play this game if you aren't a smurf, then there is a problem. To all who support me. Thank you. I have appreciated your words and advice. The competitive mode, for people at low levels who want to improve, based on what I have seen, and experienced, can be a grinding, angering experience that is devoid of the fun that games are supposed to be. Hopefully I'll be out of Bronze soon, but who knows.
You don't have to carry to climb, you just have to be better than the enemy tank, and play Comp enough to outweight possible bad luck with throwers or leavers. It's unfortunate that you can't record your gameplay, as it's likely that you are making significant mistakes that are inhibiting you again and again. If that situation ever changes, feel free to add me, and I'll review a VOD for you.
ok let me tell you a secret. youve been in bronze a long time and your not climbing and you keep updating your progress. i climbed from bronze to diamond on my main and probably soon on this alt.
the secret to climb is...
correct equipment.
Do you have mouse acceleration off?
do you have at least 60 fps on 1080p?
do you have a gaming mouse and mousepad and are youd using near 4000 edpi(dpi x sense)
do you have a usuable desk and chair?
do you have under 80 ping?
do you have an iq of at least 80?
are you hydrated, fully awake, and not fatigued?
are you excersizing and keeping your muscles consistent every day?
are you watching pro gameplay and anazlyzing your own gameplay?
if all the above is checked, bronze is the rank that fits you.
hi, op. SaidTheBear back at ya with a quick story how i climbed recently.

youve been in bronze a LONG time. me not so much. i started playing in nov 2017, so only a few months now. i also spent time on alt account. real quick, heres the details to paint the picture and how you can do same thing i did..

nov 3rd 2017.. create this account, my first. do placements, did everything wrong but placed about 1600 i think, maybe 1550. played over thanksgiving break when kiddies out of school.. big mistake, tanked to like 1100. floated always 980-1080ish for a while.

made 2nd acct right around christmas, did placements as widow, placed like 1840. then tanked slightly. whatever, experiment served its purpose.

then.. 2 weekends in a row i climbed main account from 1k to 1500, playing only on those weekends. how is simple -

4stack, 6stack when possible. i was shot caller. when theres at least a halfass plan AND PPL LISTEN AND DO AS INSTRUCTED, this puts you way ahead of the enemy team.. the enemy BRONZE team. calling out targets and everyone switches to that enemy target = that target dead in like 1 second.

you cannot "carry" its a myth. to actually do that, you have to be way better than your rank. like at least 2 tiers above. and if so, duh, such a player wouldnt be at that rank longer than a day or two or whatever.

so how you get out is play heroes that blur the lines of tank/dps/support.

i chose orisa and moira, and im good with both. s76 or junkrat in a pinch for specific situations and thats IT. no torb, no roadhog, nothing like that. just good old fashioned practical applications.

cuz its funny how you can get more done with orisa than rein in most situations, shes very offensive and does a TON of dmg. learn to lead your shots, and practice doing so at various ranges. to do this, you need to learn a good feel for the speed of the projectile youre shooting.

moira meanwhile needs no explanation. you mostly heal with it, but anytime youre not healing right that second, then youre holding down right click. be damaging SOMEthing at all times if youre not needing to be healing right at that moment. and a mcree/soldier/widow should always make enemy pharah priority target BUT if not, then its on you. moira can kill a mercy or pharah with little problem.

last but not least.. dont let map type blind you to the simple fact that to win you MUST kill enemy players. there has to be less of them than you, or you wont cap the point. the progress meter bar thing doesnt move the way you want it to, unless the enemy team is a man down. no way around it. enemies must die.

so you figure out in the first 10sec which enemy causing most trouble/chaos.. kill that guy first. rinse and repeat.

fix your mouse. decent mechanical ability gives you a leg up over half of all bronze players right off the bat. some of those ppl really cant aim/track. for most heroes i use 4 sens/960 dpi. its nice and sexy but without the super slow mouse movement in menus and whatnot.

decide to die less. once i made a thing of this, my SR improved. there are 23049823094823 simple rules that help with this. like if fighting a reaper or junkrat, you want to be FAR from them. ditto for tracer if possible due to her weapon spread. haha wrote you a book.

its possible to climb, i climbed about 500 SR in only a couple dozen games total. i still suck compared to good ppl, but i suck LESS, now. and i pull off some pro gameplay once in a while. keep at it mate.
To get out of Bronze, one trick Bastion or Junkrat. People will feed you to no end.
Shame it's finishing. Had become a forum tradition. But to be honest, kind of hard to assist without Vods.

Just a note that Roadhog having lots of healing is generally a bad thing. He's a fat ult battery that makes the enemy team more dangerous. This is fine if you're getting lots of picks with him. But just something to be aware of.

I'd still recommend Torb to carry with. Has gone a bit flat for me at 2.3k. But up to at least silver his turret is going to be better dps than most players. If you want a longer term carry character, then Junkrat is excellent up to even pro level. Or maybe even try Pharah. If you can stay up in the air forever (Youtube Valkia videos on this) you've a good start to being able to carry to at least gold.

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