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Just dropped 35 sr because we had a leaver first minute but game never ended right away. Leavers happen but it just made me a little mad because I had to play a 30 minute long game on junkertown before to earn that (only earned about 28, 30 ish) and it took me only 5 minutes to lose all that and more sr because someone's mom called them for dinner.
Please I really hope the devs figure some kind of solution for this problem :( .
Leaver issued need to be dealt with.....about 30% of my games this season consisted of leavers.
I don't get how the leaver thing works. Sometimes the match goes on if they leave 20 seconds in, but once I told a Torb it was ok to leave because his screen froze and I was thinking that the match would go on and he could reconnect since we've been fighting for a while then. He did as I said and we got the message that the game would be cancelled. There really doesn't seem to be any rule about how long you need to stay in the match for it to continue or be cancelled.

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