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How is it possible to be killed out of a Tracer Pulse Bomb?

For an ability that already has a set acceleration and a near instant "start up" time if you want to call her arm throwing her Bomb a start up time, I've had multiple instances where I've pressed my ultimate out of panic for an easy kill or two in a team fight, SEEN the hazard sign for the bomb, and died. How is it possible to die and lose an ability that is already in the field? Is this a bug or working as intended?
It is working as intended now, Mei faces the same issue.
Doesn't make sense, but it is what it is.
yeah, I believe the item is linked to your character. Once you die, the item "dies" as well.
"Working as intended"

Which I really dont agree with either.

If the bomb leaves her hand it shouldnt despawn on death.
It all started when they made the big "press Q and lose your ult charge" patch. It is one of the many oddities that most of us do not care for, but is apparently intended (more or less).
This is pretty basic. You died during your Pulse Bomb's cast time. You saw the hazard sign because of latency. This is working 100% as intended.
It's been like that since the Genji ultimate nerf. Idiots on the forums kept complaining about Genji ult and everyone else who has a casted ultimate got affected.

It's so frustrating on higher ping, it drives me insane.

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