What’s your most upvoted post?

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It's always nice to make a post and get upvoted :D Makes us feel like we're not alone! Thanks for making this thread, reminds me of it!
I believe it was this one. I still mean every word that I typed in this post to this day. No matter how frustrated I may get with the game sometimes.
A few months ago people were calling for a Zenyatta buff. So, being a Zen main since launch, I wrote an in-depth explanation of why he doesn't need any changes. That post is still relevant, but it's long buried now. It got over 100 upvotes.

My second highest was when I told some dude to stop bullying lower-tier players based on their rank. It's ridiculous that some people have to be told why they can't be jerks all the time.

I wasn't expecting it to become a big thing, but I made a post talking about my experience being harassed in voice chat (I'm a woman) and pointing out what the whole "woman jokes" issue is like from a woman's perspective. It ended up exploding and sparking a lot of discussion, for which I was very glad.

Between that and another post I think I might have accidentally become the forum feminist, which is not something I ever thought I'd be: I consider myself a pretty reasonable person and modern feminism is... not so much associated with rationality, for some unfortunately valid reasons.
I did not want to go through all of the 98 pages that I have, I thumbed through a few early and recent ones and came across this.


Twas a little bit of a facetious remark about a the changes that went through for D.Va back in Jan 2017 when they changed D.Va's health/armor ratio but before the missiles rework, referencing what one of the devs said that one of her new roles could be escorting Junkrat ultimates.
looky here chum. my most upvoted post was to make training bot a playable character but our overwatch pops haven’t done that yet
02/17/2018 05:44 PMPosted by Choctoling
looky here chum. my most upvoted post was to make training bot a playable character but our overwatch pops haven’t done that yet
That’s be nice. Play the training bot in competitive...maybe tell confuse enemies.
Almost 500 upvotes, me whining about tank meta back in S3. That nostalgia thought.


309 for suggesting giving a small cast time to deflect.


115 for suggesting a passive self regen for Ana.
Had posted one that got extremly liked. Over 200 likes with a lot of positivity in them too.

Title "OWL took our Game".

The post was short and simple saying the League currently would have to fail before we see any siginificant improvement to gameplay experience. There was some negative feedback though that got squashed quite hard. We still need a gamefix. Even with all the upcoming changes they would still have to do balancing and then redirect their attention to other heros to do the same things once more to complete the roster of all heros left out like Zen Lucio Ana and such. Then balance the current hero roster around them.
I think this one was mine.


I was just saying that Zenyatta’s on fire voice line is my favorite.
When I said that dva doesn’t need a nerf and that she’s mostly popular because dive (and she’s a great tank)
Mine was a rant about support balance and why nerfing supports further would basically break the entire support cast.
My most upvoted post was in the recent DEVS-WHERE ARE YOU thread regarding Mercy.

It was immediately after Jeff said "we have no plans to revert Mercy" and I responded by saying I was "Heartbroken".


The Zen Café :3
Post where I said “I don’t think we need to have mei’s freeze COMPLETELY stop movement abilities, it just needs to make movement abilities go less far.”
I think I basically replied to a thread asking if you were going to watch OWL, and I said "I'm not planning on it, no."

I got like 30 likes or something, and I was right I didn't watch OWL.
A very important issue with Winston and how he absolutely needs this buff: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20761826863
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Here's another one, not 1000+, but still highly rated.
And you got the extra attention of the game director. So that gets extra points.
Attention yeah, action no.
I suggested junker queen ability ideas.. And community seemed to like it a lot


180+ upvotes

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