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Uprising 2017 was, arguably, the best OW event.

We got amazing skins, a brand new and fresh gamemode, and tons of lore. It appealed to everyone in the OW community.

Now, what would you like to see in the Uprising 2018 event?

For skins, I hope we get a tuxedo Doomfist and lab coat Moira.

For a gamemode, I'd love to see PvE return with a new map and new objective to reach.

Also, it'd be awesome to get new lore, as last years was very interesting!
Make it permanent :P
Given Uprising seems to be more or less a character's Origin and lore event, I definitely see Moira getting her first event legendary and it'll definitely have to be Blackwatch Moira.

I can also see Doomfist getting a skin, though not in a Tuxedo but The Scourge Doomfist aka Akinjide Adeyemi, or maybe even The Savior, the first Doomfist handler who was benevolent.

Maybe a Tekhartha Mondatta skin for Zenyatta?

A Field Agent/ Rookie Winston is possible too though not sure if he had any kind of field world in the lore, seems that he just stuck to the labs.

Or who knows, maybe even official Overwatch gear for the would-be/ 2nd generation Overwatch newbies like Pharah, D.Va, and Lucio.
Betting money it's either Talon or Blackwatch event
-Red Death Reaper
-Tuxedo or Venice Doomfist
-Jester Sombra
-Blackwatch Moira
Definitely a skin for my gal Moira. Maybe another PvE having to do with other events relating to the Overwatch story (Venice Incident, Eichenwalde battle, etc.).
02/17/2018 05:29 PMPosted by Rhythium
Now, what would you like to see in the Uprising 2018 event?

Old mode makes a return. New mode alongside with new lore (present day?).
Higher Legendary Item Drop Rates.
Blackwatch Moira
Omnic crisis, original OW team. Reinhardt, Jack, Ana, Gabriel, Torbjorn. (Liao technically).
PVE with ALL heroes.

and for PVE to stay after the event
more torb skins pls
I'd lo°V°e to see a new mission with 2 seperate teams working towards the same goal. Here's what I ha°V°e in mind:
4 pla°Y°ers on team Blackwatch fighting their wa°Y° through the underground or a building, hacking terminals to allow 4 pla°Y°ers on team O°V°erwatch to progress through the en°V°ironment. Both teams end up at the same destination, fighting a boss or gigantic horde together.
Oh god I want an inbetween young/old Ana in combat fatigues or something of the sort
I would love an animated short about Soldier and Reaper at SEP and what happened after that. We still don't know why Reaper joined Talon and I really want to know it!
Other then that, more skins of course, maybe Blackwatch Moira and other "origins" skins.
And a new mode.... maybe as Blackwatch agents on a mission? We have four of them, so it could happen :-)
02/17/2018 05:29 PMPosted by CamKitty
Make it permanent :P

02/17/2018 05:29 PMPosted by CamKitty
Make it permanent :P

02/17/2018 05:29 PMPosted by CamKitty
Make it permanent :P

02/17/2018 05:29 PMPosted by CamKitty
Make it permanent :P
I actually just made a post on this today


If you don't wanna read it all, the heres the TLDR on it
TLDR of the whole post
-Uprising should stay the same
-Should return either as a mission select or during Anniversary
-New PvE mission in April
-Old (1.0) Mercy in Uprising
-Keeps the balance the same and satisfies everyone
a robot bastion
New event please, BUT give us the chance to get last years skins from uprising still
2 new Legendary Tracer skins to make up for the 9 month drought. :)
The ability to get the the legendary uprising achievement through the all heroes gamemode.

That was just as as hard as the original mode, only that you have more options to choose from. I only saw GMs complete Legendary and on Xbox it was in 0.05%. Originally it was 0.02% before people found out you can bypass the payload part.

Basically that, and more maps for Uprising. Imo I find that my aim was improving when that mode was out.

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