Anyone playing this game less and less?

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I've been playing since launch, most days out of the week. I've had friends start playing and stop, but I've never gotten bored of it and I'm still not. I've experienced the same frustrations as everyone else: no-limits in competitive, coin-flipping, toxicity, etc. But that never deterred me from continuing to play and I think the reason for it is that I've always had faith in the dev team because they play this game as much as we do and love it and see the same problems as us and are interested in making changes that are good for the health of the game, even if it upsets some players.

Lately, I'm starting to lose that faith.

Some recent decisions have made me feel like they're catering to some players at the expense of the game feeling fair and competitive. In particular, how long it took for mercy and junkrat to receive any balance changes - I believe the mercy change was the longest a particular balance change was left in place despite so much of the community calling for tweaking, even Hog 2.0 wasn't left that long before Hog 2.5.

I also feel like Moira obviously needs some number tweaks to make her feel more balanced (and it's kind of a dangerous thing to mention, especially here on the forums, but there are murmurs in the community), but she's not included in the current PTR test heroes so we won't even see any acknowledgement of that for 2 months and the changes won't come for 2 months after that.

I just don't have that kind of patience anymore. I'm fatigued.
I've been playing it a lot more lately personally
I play it less, because I didn't bring my pc with me and I feel like I got a bit addicted to the game, so it's for my best.
I don't play the game unless I know there's an event going on for skins. That's about all the time I want to invest in the game anymore.
I play it less.

QP is full of retarded trolls and comp feels more like a chore
Comp is full of toxicity, leavers, etc. and QP is full of bad team comps, Arcade is somehow more toxic than QP and Comp combined, and custom games are few and far nowadays. The dev team has slow response times, focuses on minor details instead of what is actually OP or game-breaking, etc. Mercy is an example, Junkrat as well, even Roadhog to an extent.
Yes yes a thousand times yes!

Insert Herbal Eessence commercial voiceline here.

I wish the answer was no and that Blizzard would finally just give us that perfect game to play.
I've kind of gone the opposite of most people in that I seem to play it more and more since I've started.

But I've also picked up a lot of friends and could never go back to just solo'ing this game. Seriously though... I have way more fun losing in a 6-stack of friends than I do winning while playing solo.
Not since Competitive CTF came out.

I'll sink hours into that mode, every single day. Non-stop.
I really slowed down after the hog nerfs, but would still get a few boxes a week.

After the recent Mercy changes I've honestly only played to get my arcade boxes and then I just go back to Binding of Isaac or something.
Last season and this season I never bothered doing placements till the last week. I think actually last season i wasted till the last day. Finished this season tonight.

Surprised I got in ~1900. All time high is 2222 (yep) from like season 2 or 3.

I can only really play QP for a handfull of matches before I want to headbutt a kitten.
I don’t need really have any proablems with the game tbh

I’m kinda just getting bored.
i play this game less because I get reported for simply playing a hero I enjoy
I'm quitting as soon as I hit GM. I'd just quit now but I want to beat this games !@# before I go. I've never played a game that frustrates me as much as this one.
If I'm honest, kinda..but until March I got this and a few other games to keep me busy until operation outbreak comes out
I have had some bad experiences with toxicity that have really turned me off to the game. I play a lot less than I used to. Mostly when friends rope me in. And even then my brother consistently gets salty as heck and I don't like to see it. People get nasty in arcade because they just want to get their loot boxes and get out and QP is just a dps fest with me having to roll a healer or tank every single game. There have been a few times when I have locked in a healer or tank and that last guy locks in our 5th dps despite being able to see clear as day what we need that I have just said "screw these guys" and left. I don't even care that events are going on. What's the point of getting skins for a game I just have to play with selfish people and trolls? Having to relearn my main (D.Va) like 4 or 5 times definitely sucked a lot of the wind out of my sails and the community went and tore the mast down. I now play rarely, but I like to keep informed of what's going on to see if any changes come in that will make me want to play again.
I've mostly been playing deathmatch to divebomb snipers at this point. The friends I played with on the regular got chased off the game by either hostile teams or the huge swings of nerfs/buffs that make things feel either all over the place or like it's catering to OWL and only OWL.
Most definitely. My playtime has dropped considerably since the Mercy changes, and even before that my interest in Overwatch was fading rapidly. Even playing with my close friends doesn't get me to pull a late night gaming session anymore, and a lot of them have stopped playing as well in the recent weeks/months.

I guess what got me to stop playing, was the fact that quick play doesn't feel that fun to me anymore. Not to mention that I would sometimes get the occasional toxic message that reminded me that, "You f*ckin' suck." Gotta love it. I've moved on though, but I wish I could still log on every now and again, and have actual "fun" like during the good ole' days.
I usually only play the game with friends, but I occasionally play the arcade's deathmatch to earn some weekly boxes :D
Might be just a burn out, that walking back to objective from spawn for every death frustrated me faster than any developer decision, hah!

Developers are trying to fix the impression roles at the moment though, like Sombra, Torbjorn, Hanzo etc. They feel slow when compared to MOBA devs indeed, apparently OWL stuff hold them back a lot on these stuff. Maybe they can go faster now.

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