Buff Lucio’s healing PLEASE

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Although Lucio healing without Amp it up is not that great but his strength is that he can heal and speed boost(the main reason to play lucio) the entire team as well as being the number 1 support with the most survivability. He can survive longer than all the other supports even moira which basically provides more heals and speed overtime that small bit of heals can save a teammates life which in turn allows him to have his sound barrier a lot more often...

Healing tanks is up to mercy, ana, moira and even zen, although lucio amp can heal tanks . Also amping it up at the right time, meaning when half of your team is half health and you amp up 3 of them you will gain your Ult charge real fast...

The only buff lucio might need is his cast time with Sound Barrier with the Ultimate change Lucio can lose his ult easily especially when he gets stunned or any type of CC ability that delays him casting it.

If you are playing Lucio and you just stay on healing then you arent doing what you are suppose to do as lucio, Speed boost is more useful in most situations especially with your tanks like rein,winston. His healing is fine
The idea is that you use speed boost to make up for the missing healing
Ive started to main Lucio as he is in my opinion the funnest hero to play as, as well as still being strong BUT his healing is useless, unless you amp it up he might as well not even be there. I’m not saying a huge increase but enough that makes him useful when he isn’t Amping it up

No one should be calling buffs or worse, nerfs, for chars theyve only just started playing/playing against.
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He's not really meant for massive healing to single targets, he's there to heal the team as a whole with AOE healing so he'll never be an answer for tanks unfortunately. No support character is great at everything

Except Moira - she's an AOE AND an insanely good single target healer.

But she also runs on a resource meter that depletes pretty fast and requires damage to refill. Plus she doesn't really work well if the team is scattered
Lucio has decent healing. He can get a completely balanced amount of healing out, if his team is working with the Lucio.
If they arent working with him, well, that's not the games fault, is it?

His heals alleviate a lot of pressure.
If your complaint is that he cant outheal enemies who are bursting your teammate, well that's because it's not Lucios job.
That's why you don't have a solo-heal Lucio.
He's a grouphealer, not a single-target healer.

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