"Grats. You broke it." when using hacks@blizzard.com

Bug Report
Can someone tell me what it means?, im trying to report something using this website but its just goes to this after pressing submit


Also if there is no way to fix it/its temporary/no one knows what to do, maybe someone know any better way outside of reporting through game that someone was cheating?

I had guy who was cheating in my 2 comp games recorded, when he was killing me and his aimbotting, so if someone know any other way to report him please tell me.

Thanks in advance
there's an in-game report feature
02/18/2018 12:15 PMPosted by Phobos
there's an in-game report feature

I know there is, but if its like same thing as other reports(100 reports to autoban), then i dont think he will ever get banned

cause 3days later and i got to the game again with him, he has 600 more SR than before, went from gold to diamond

thats why im asking if there is anything other than ingame report, so maybe there is possibility to speed up the ban or something
If the webform doesn't work, then send an e-mail to hacks@blizzard.com

I find it funny, that it doesn't say "sorry, our site crashed", but it's instead "YOU broke it".
Slightly off-topic, but it's not even "you broke it", necessarily, it's the 404 error essentially. But honestly, an in-game report and an e-mail if you're really sure, I suppose. I haven't met hackers in a while (not that I'm able to tell, my ping is always just high enough that even if it seems like I'm shot unreasonably, it's probably just my ping), but whenever I report someone for anything else, I usually receive the message on log-in that my report was acted on. So it's not like they don't look into things.

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