To-Do list for new forums

General Discussion
[] Get upvoted at least 200 times
[] Make no toxic posts at all ever
[] Try to get a developer in one of my threads
[X] Eat a burrito

Oh wait- I’ve already eaten a burrito.
Weird I have basically the same goals. Let's hope we can complete them.
My goal is to feed the fire.

The spark of positivity has already been lit;)
When are new forums coming and what's the change
Same except for the 200 upvotes, no toxic posts, or developer reply.
02/19/2018 09:07 PMPosted by CoolBiz125
[] Make no toxic posts at all ever
this is my biggest one i think

i'm pretty curmudgeonly but i don't want to get a reputation for being nasty... hopefully the new forums is turning over a new leaf. just gotta learn to stay away from topics where i know i'm not the majority opinion
[] get so many thrust points that i become a mod

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