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give him different turret types!
02/19/2018 10:18 PMPosted by VersaceJorts

My wife's turret
Someone disliked every post in the thread. I always laugh imagining these joyless people.
Some Torb mains are sensitive. I was playing my final competitive placement match and the opposing team won after a pretty hard fought match. The Torb guy got a card and people were voting for him, but one of his teammates tried to do the "ggez" thing, but even screwed that up. I typed a "really?" as in "You're really trying to be like that?" and the Torb guy goes "ur mad" and "calm down". Sheesh. He was so vain he thought I was talking about him.
He needs an R2D2 turret skin XD
Don't get caught with your beard in the letterbox!
blizzard will ban yo if you play him. So dont.
He's angry dad with a literal army of children including his new omnic child Bastion and I love him. Torb gets a bad rep and yea he's a moody guy but he's a pretty nice guy as well.
If you build it, they will die

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