Me: Also me: jokes (Overwatch edition)

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02/15/2018 06:11 PMPosted by Xian396
02/15/2018 06:06 PMPosted by WildOrchid
With Ana (im horrible with her)

Me: "huh my sleeps are on point today. Maybe im not so bad as Ana"

Also me: *nanoboosts Lucio the entire match*
Boostios aren't a thing anymore????

Oh they are... At least in my matches.
i'm going to make it to diamond in season 8

also me
stays in high plat :(
Me: I should be healing the team with my Extreme Moira Healing!

Also Me: Flank and do DPS to try and take out the enemy team.
02/15/2018 05:34 PMPosted by Rythix
Me: Man, I'm getting really good at Ana! Maybe I should start playing her in comp!

Also Me: Nano-boosts the Torbjorn.

Nano boosted Torbjorn is best Torbjorn

02/15/2018 05:53 PMPosted by Ambulance
Me: I should save my biotic grenade for emergency bursts or antis

Also me: *Throws grenade into the stratosphere* Dis guna be sick

I don’t know why but the image of someone in voice chat or someone in general throwing anas biotic grenade into the sky and saying “Dis guna be sick” makes me laugh at this one all the time :D

02/15/2018 05:54 PMPosted by ThatOneGuy
Me: Zarya hasn't got her ult yet, so I'll hold blade.


I can relate in my mind I am like “Ok Zarya has just died and has grav I should wait” but on the outside I am like “SCREW ZARYAS ULT THERE OF FIVE OF THEM ON THE POINT AND I HAVE A POCKET MERCY TIME TO GET PLAY OF THE GAME!!” *Proceeds to die within the first two seconds of my ult Zarya respaws and uses her ult reaper drops with nano boost and gets a sextuple,I proceed to watch the reaper POTG and question my life choises in an epic and sad montage made up of clips showing all of my failed genji ults.

Not gonna lie but these had me dying on the floor with laughter :D
Me:Uhh guys can we push the payload?

Also me:*Screams to the enemy team While off the payload * COME AT ME SCRUBS!
Me: "Moira is really obnoxious in Deathmatch."
Also me: switch to Moira the moment I start losing.
Me: Can't anyone on this team get on the objective?

Also me: *walks off objective to hunt down enemy supports*
Me: I'm going to successfully solo the enemy team as doomfist!

Also me: *dies 2 seconds later thanks to the mccree and the roadhog.*
As Lucio
Me: I should stick with my team, make sure they have healing topped off, maybe pocket that Reaper with speed boost cuz that's just terrifying
Also me: goes 1v6 to get an enviro kill on McCree
02/15/2018 05:46 PMPosted by TechieGaming
Me: save EMP for the next team fight
Also me: solo ult the zen
Me: I guess I'll play healer since my team has 5 DPS already.

Also Me: !@#$ it, we're playing Quick Play.
Me: We need a healer.

Also me: picks Soldier 76.
Me: I should nano Genji when he ults.

Also Me: Nano Lucio for the voice line. You won't do it.
Me: I see DPS is actually open for the taking. But I shouldn't take it because I am a terrible DPS and should ask a teammate to take it instead.

Also Me: But how could I pass up the 1 chance to fill as DPS??? "Picks Tracer"
me: boy i love sym
also me: solo ults the enemy sym

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