What if we increased Tracer's spread, BUT

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She can now blink up?

How much would this break the game?
By about 36%
Are you having so much trouble with Tracer sniping you that you'd rather see her Blink around on the ceiling and divebomb you than die to her from 15m away?
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By about 36%
02/16/2018 04:04 PMPosted by Witch
Thank you for your excellent contribution to the discussion. You really showed OP.
100% break the game lmao. Why would they consider this?
I'm just gonna say...

Have fun trying to predict where she is going.
02/16/2018 04:04 PMPosted by Witch

That doesn't even answer OP's question.
tracer would be impossible to kill
02/16/2018 04:06 PMPosted by mirvine
02/16/2018 04:04 PMPosted by Witch
Thank you for your excellent contribution to the discussion. You really showed OP.

You're welcome.
I think I have seen a decent amount of people suggest slightly increasing Tracer's weapon spread, since it's probably the only thing in her kit you can adjust without totally nerfing her to the ground or buffing her to 100 percent pick rate. But giving her vertical movement? Yeah, she can already do a decent job killing a too-close Pharah, she doesn't need to be able to get into her face...
You people would cry if you had to face a good scout in TF2.
I'd take that trade in a heartbeat. Cheers love the airforce is here.
It depends how many spread you gonna increase. If it too much, she just become a hero that tickle the enemy, can survive, but can't do her job nor contest to take out anyone.

Some players like the idea, but in this game, it is more about killing the enemy than actually survive.
Wouldn't that make her into a jetpackless-Rocketeer?
Tracer blinking up actually sounds like a lot of fun and gives the FLANKER more routes to FLANK
It’d break Tracer, but not in an “overpowered” way like everyone’s probably assuming. It’d ruin her as a hero.

First think about how the vertical blink mechanic would work. It would likely have to be similar to Genji’s dash in the sense that you have to face the direction you want to go.

However, Tracer’s entire gameplay is focused around being able to blink side to side while shooting the target in front of her. If she had to turn away from her target and look to the side every other second, she would honestly become unplayable.
Imagine you're pharah, raining down rockets in relative peace then a Tracer appears in front of you while you're 40 meters in the air and one clips you in the face. Fun!

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