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It's difficult to balance out. They're supposed to lose rank but it's not really because they're OTPs that they're bad. I've had games in high masters that got carried by a sym and her 60 TPs all game long
02/17/2018 01:03 AMPosted by Noiiak
One had a 41%, 43% and 53%. All trash tier win rates, how is it possible for them to be up here, still??

I suspect that they got to GM in previous seasons (possibly with the assistance of the one-trick exploit). They then placed where they were last season (because most people do). They are now are their way down to ladder, because of their underwater win rate.

This is what you want. It just takes time to sort everything out.
Reset SR after each season like every game does but OW. It's amazing you get so many players who try hard one season. After that they wait till last week of comp to keep their rank. One tricks does this as well. The problem with one trick is the forum community treats them like victims. Blaming other people for not playing around them. Because "I paid for the game so you can't tell me what to do." It's beyond unbelievable with this community. I can climb and hold high plat in Siege after each season. Which is equivalent to Masters. Good players will climb after reset.

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