How would you buff Reaper?

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I don't play him as much as I used to but here's what I would like to try:
- 6 m/s base movement speed
- Wraith form increases movement speed to 7 m/s, duration reduced to 1.5 sec, CD reduced to 3-4 sec
- Alternatively, give Wraith a resource meter that lasts a total of 3 sec, takes 6 sec to fully charge, lasts a minimum of .5 sec, and has a .5 sec delay between usage and recharging (basically DM with a longer duration)
- Shadow Step cast time reduced to 1.5 sec, CD reduced to 8 sec, and animation changed to match his highlight intro

Might be a little OP, but it'd sure be fun playing a more mobile brawler.
give him my 12 steps work out techniques and get him on that 7 days a weeks have him do lifts and increase the weights weekly. Get him to eat healthy and sleep well. He’d be buff in about 10months
I would buff his wraith form to where he can fly
Address shadow step and he will be fine.

It would have to be one of the most underutilized abilities in the game.

Maybe make him less prone when he appears and that may be all there is to it.

I'm not sure if it would be too op making it too quick, but it would be great to see him appearing behind a teammate and screaming lookout! He claims his victim then wraith forms away.

I think a decent shadow-step could make him a monster, no other buffs really necessary I think.
Blizzard really has a way to do something great with him, I hope they will
He needs a buff but only a little one done very carefully. This is because while he is too situational right now he is very strong in the situations where he works, so the wrong buff will make him super OP in some circumstances. He needs to have his versatility expanded but not his potential impact on a game.

As a result I feel his damage, hit box and healing are all fine. He could use the animation entering teleport shortened so it can actually be used to escape a fight, but the leaving animation has to be left the same as a shorter one would provide too much potential for OP shock attacks. I think maybe a tie in to his life drain ability could be a target taking damage from him sees a really slight speed reduction, so its harder to escape him in the open but I cannot emphasize how slight that must be.

In all honestly while he could maybe use a buff, he is not high priority in my opinion as he is very good in the right hands and in the right circumstances. What Mercy should have taught us is changing mostly fine heroes can be a very dangerous path and while I don't think anyone wants anything that drastic the Mercy saga should be remembered when changing heroes that do work pretty well, if not perfectly.
Shadow step should be instant, but with a higher cooldown. I dont think the slowest dps in the game would become OP with this change. You can still hear footsteps. A delay on shooting when teleporting is needed though to avoid insta-ult after appearing.

Alternatively remove his footstep sounds and maybe let him be able to cancel wraith form. And with a slight buff to shadow step, like making it a bit faster, but not instant.
what needs buffs is mainly his mobility for a hero that only works at close distance he doesnt have any viable ways to get near the target
I would like reaper to have a 10% spread decrease. I would like reaper to have a small 2-3 second speed boost on every kill. Wraith could move just a bit faster but not really, reapers teleport could be a bit faster but thats it. I dont think reaper really needs any crazy buffs, I do just fine with him. On comp this season I have a 78% winrate on reaper.
Lifesteal scales inversely with current health (for every 3% of his health missing, lifesteal goes up by 1%, so at 1 HP, he has 33% lifesteal)

Wraith Form movement speed increased to 8.52m, duration decreased to 2.5 seconds (same amount of distance traveled, he just gets there faster)
Shadow Step Changes to into a sombra like teleport where you decide where you want to teleport then afterwards hitting the button again will make reaper do a combat dive (kind of like Max Pain(who remembers that game)) towards what ever direction you are walking which will last long enough for you to shoot twice as you hit the ground you fade into seamlessly into the shadows and pop up where you put the teleport
As a main I gotta say I'm not struggling at all with how he is currently vs what some other ppl are claiming with their experince with him, so I feel a lot of it is just people not playing correctly

HOWEVER I will agree his mobility could be tweaked a little bit.

You take a gamble when you use Shadow Step, I've gotten used to plotting the right time to use it but you can't like tactically use it quickly as displayed by the hero video. I also wish it happened a bit faster or if you could cancel the animation cause a lot of times too late I see a sniper poke their heads out waiting for me to pop in, I'd love to cancel in those moments.

Also Wraith form could use some tweaks too, something to make it a bit more useful in a fight vs just using it as an escape tool, which yes Is something I use it for.

I think his damage and stuff is fine of course, because Reaper does pump out a lot of damage, even more so if you can land head shots. He's about getting close though so if you're not close (or even mid range.) he's not very good. Changing his mobility would fix that a bit.

Also I don't like the new passive healing, I'm used to it but I feel its a bit on the weak side and could be bumped up slightly as I feel I don't even notice I'm gaining any health. Obviously nothing that will make me a walking self healing tank, cause 250 max health is a lot, but a 1 or 2 percent increase in his passive healing from damage wouldn't hurt, as of right now you only get 3-7 health per shot, which depleats quickly when in battle so that's why I say you barely notice it given Reaper's current fire rate.

A buff would be nice, but as my opening statement says, it also seems people don't play him correctly, so a buff isn't really in desperate need and we can hold out a bit longer for when Blizzard gets around to it. It's not like Reaper is broken, or "Garbage" as some claim.

Any questions about my feelings on ppl not playing him right I'm willing to answer so just ask away if you got them. (or if you have questions on how to get better at him yourself ill also help out with.)
Give him an initial burst of speed that decays to normal levels when activating Wraith.
Replace Shadow Step with an ability that allows him to silently fly at 7,1 m/s for 3 seconds on an 8 second cooldown. :)
I'm all for making wraith form cancelable and reworking shadow step but besides them a small but needed change would be to make the spread of his shotguns more consistent. I can think of no rational reason for why the pattern of pellets needs to be different every single shot.
As said in the other 50000 threads like this that obviously got ignored:
- Same movement speed as Tracer and Genji
- 1 second of free flying during wraith form and speed increased of 10%
- Faster shadow step animation
- His passive increased from 20 to 25%
- 25% tighter spread and make it less randomized
For me these things :
1-50% faster shadow step.
2-20% extra move speed during wraith
3-faster move speed
4-it should be much easier to use shadow step currently targeting some high ground or windows is too difficult.
I'd just make Shadow Step faster, allow him to cancel Wraith Form, and give him a right click alt-fire that shoots a long range slug (kind of like Torb's primary fire, but faster projectile speed and 3 sec cooldown) so he can finish fleeing targets and have something useful to do when at a distance.

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