We need more Medals

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Why is there no gold medal for damage blocked or fewest deaths?
We need to throw medals away altogether. All they do is enable toxic players and make them think they "carried" the game when the medals never mean that.
I see the optimism behind the post, but medals are more used as a justification for crappy teamwork and to avoid blame for losing or the exact opposite on non medal heroes. Having more into the mix will probably make it worse, though it would be great to see.

I'd personally love to see stats in the game for clutch heals. That counts how many times a hero would've died if you didn't heal them at the exact moment you did. Or actually havi g the life saver tracker for POTG be an actually stat for fun.
"You want a medal?"
They used to have a fewest deaths medal. During matches where a team was losing, Blizzard would often notice players sitting in spawn to protect their gold in deaths. They got rid of it because having afk teammates is not fun.

I could dig a medal for damage blocked though.

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