EMP is unfair to zenyatta

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The first thing every sombra does after using EMP is instakill zenyatta. There's no way for zenyatta to fight back against this because he loses all of his health. EMP should only destroy actual barriers, not shields or barriers that are part of a health bar.
It can only be the first thing she does if Zen is even on the enemy team to begin with
It's always been a death sentence for zen nothing new. If a sombra is in your game you need to keep track of her as zen. Or stay as close to the Primary Healer as possible.
What you do is have the main healer pocket you if you know it's gonna happen. Bodyblocking shots aimed at Zen helps too.
Zenyatta is ironically best played like Ana- far away.

If you get EMP'd by Sombra, you might have been too close to your team.
If you're a good enough Zen you'll Transcendence as you see the translocator coming in, avoid the EMP and then save your team.

Sombra is a counter to Zen, but she's not very good right now, and even if she was this is a game of picks and counterpicks.
It's an ult. Most ults on Zen are a death sentence too.
Well, the way it is now, we atleast have to be able kill *something*

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG47D5c5D60&t=2m13s (solo ult)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG47D5c5D60&t=4m33s (solo ult)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG47D5c5D60&t=6m18s (solo ult)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG47D5c5D60&t=7m55s (solo ult, win!)

I won't be able to do this near as often when the reworks comes around tho, so Zen's probably going to be safer in QP/Comp actually.
Assuming the Sombra patch hits the server as-is, there will be a lot fewer emps. Sombra doesn't gain ult charge from health packs and won't have EMP up for every fight any more, so I guess it's a win for you. You got your nerf to Sombra's EMP.

Unfortunately, this comes at a cost.
  • Instead, we will have psycho woman who can remove all abilities other than your primary and secondary fire (meaning Pharah can't fly, Mercy can't float, and a whole new ton of fun goodies).
  • She'll also have a tighter bullet spread, so she can reliably kill most heroes with headshots in under 2 seconds and within 1 clip.
  • And she can go invisible so it's impossible for your team to actually protect you from her.

This of course means if you are a Zen playing far away from your team, that you'll be simply picked off by a Sombra instead of the Tracer/Genji now. And if you're too close, you have to worry about the EMP.

My suggestion: Learn to anticipate the Sombra ult and use trance when you think she's positioning for it. Listen for her voiceline. Most Sombras will decloak, throw their translocater, and then EMP. If a Sombra doesn't decloak before EMPing and tries to immediately run in, she'll have to shout out her decloak voiceline first, giving you and your team almost a full second to react before her ult hits.
Oh no, a counter, the horror.
It's bad for him yes, but keep in mind that zen is a great support even with all his issues.

Even with one of the easiest hitboxes to hit in the game, even with his loss of shields against sombra, even with no movement abilities and regen being after 3s. He is still considered a top pick support and for good reasons. You could never go wrong with picking him (unless he is your only healer).

Plus if you hit Q as zen faster than sombra you can save your life, or if the 2nd healer isn't brainless they will immediately heal the zen the moment sombra EMPs and then zen will live because sombra's dmg (on live) is garbage.
Here's a tip :

Healing heroes that lose their shields after an EMP restores their shields.
02/17/2018 06:51 PMPosted by Astrion
Zenyatta is ironically best played like Ana- far away.

If you get EMP'd by Sombra, you might have been too close to your team.

I mean, unless Dive Meta stopped existing, that's an even better way to die.
02/17/2018 06:51 PMPosted by Astrion
Zenyatta is ironically best played like Ana- far away.

If you get EMP'd by Sombra, you might have been too close to your team.

At the same time, you don’t want to be too far from your team and get 1clipped by the enemy Sombra.

I play a lot of Sombra and its always a treat when the enemy Zen is all on his own, away from his team.
Learn to read the EMP. Almost every Sombra will throw their E in the air to initiate. You can train yourself to pre trans this.
First of all, it's an ult. Ults are supposed to be strong. You could argue she gets it too often, and that is going to be fixed, but unfairness is not something I think could be argued.

Besides, it actually makes sense that an EMP is so dangerous to Zenyatta, it's an EMP after all. A strong enough EMP should be able to outright kill him.

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