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Good map, or best map?

Or do people think its bad?

Im genuinely curious how the community feels. I love it personally. It has plently of ways to sneak around or create choke point for both sides.
I'm not really a fan of other Blizzard games. Don't really much care for the map, but it's not a bad Doomfist map so it could be worse.
Its ok.

Starcraft section has been the only really bad area in my experience. Its like everyone loses their minds, forgets about the payload and runs around trying to flank.
One of my favorites, I think. I'm a sucker for hybrid maps tho
I like how it plays out, which is what’s most important, but this is my first blizzard game so the references aren’t really targeted at me. I would have just preferred that they picked a new country for a map instead of making it all up like that.
I like it, especially the last segment. Nice dungeon feeling.
love the look of it but it needs balanicng on the firts and last part.
It's the map which most needs to be a real-world place. Better get started Blizzard.
I like it, especially as across both of my accounts I've never lost on defence or as Torb (other account is a OT Torb account I very rarely use)
The first choke is arguably harder for the attacking team to get past than Hanamura point A.

After that, it's a bit more even toss-up.
one of my favorite maps easy.
Great design. Visually, it's gorgeous, so props to the designers, but my GOD it's long. And so often you make it all the way to the dungeony place just to lose 3 meters from the end.
It’s not good, it’s not bad, it is what it is;)

It looks beautifle, but I don’t enjoy it that much.
02/19/2018 10:23 AMPosted by VersaceJorts
The first choke is arguably harder for the attacking team to get past than Hanamura point A.

I vehemently disagree with this, but it's hard to say because we haven't seen it in comp yet.
I think it's a bit biased towards Defense.

In 6 matches I've had there I've never seen the part after the first payload checkpoint.

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