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When you act like XQCs PR


It's his stream and he's doing his job while entertaining his audience. Yes he deserve it if he said that on the stage just like the spitfire guy flipping to the camera.

He's been streaming before he became good to be a pro so it's his work place and what happens there stays there and not related to his work on stage at OWL

Just like the new title to pine
Big boss pine



haters will get
ROLLED and SMOKED by him. So basically people shouldn't (haters I mean) clip his stream and put them out of context.

Two things in this situation
1)Jealousy and hate because of his success
2)Jumping on that band wagon for no reason and fule it more

Well Dallas Fuel will start smoking them doggies once
The Man The Myth The Legend XQC comes back.

Check him out and support. You'll see the reality of the situation
>213 pages of posts
I can't......not today.....
278 posts
May 23
-12 (12 downvotes)
its funny cuz ive never had to purchase lootboxes to get the skin i want - luck or saving coins? i cant tell you my secret D:

The thread was about Blizzard being greedy with loot boxes.

I still stand to my argument. If they think loot boxes are greedy, there is no way they've played many games.
02/19/2018 09:56 PMPosted by Rosen
>213 pages of posts
I can't......not today.....

I have more, definitely not happening
My most downvoted post was when someone said they were new and wanted to know easy heroes to start with, my response was this:

TANK: Genji

That would be 27 downvotes. Honestly surprised that I don't have a more downvoted post.
My most favorite downvoted post of mine that I do not regret was back when Oni Genji was still a Heroes of the Storm exclusive.

I said the next April Fools Day they should give everyone Oni Genji, but then the next day take it away from everyone that didn't already have it.

That would be 5 downvotes 1 updoot
This one should be mine
Not exactly sure, but on my previous account(DaddyMiller) I made a nerf Torbjorn thread when I was in silver and dear god did that get downvoted to oblivion. I also did one and symmetra that had similar results.

Times were different then.

Edit: Just checked. -23. Complaining about Torbjorn’s turret range and damage. Claiming it that they are both outrageous.

hoo baby silver was a interesting place to be.
I think I hit -20 on one of my posts. Cant remember which.

I get lucky since my posts tend to go well with the forum majority most of the time, even when they are on controversial AF topics.
Not too impressive but I got fourteen downvotes for defending the addition of POCs to the game. *sigh* this forum lol

02/17/2018 05:51 PMPosted by Supernerd
git gud scrub

My friend was having problems with console Overwatch and so my friend and I just had a little fun.
I don’t think people knew that...
02/19/2018 10:20 PMPosted by bearmans

No further comment
That was regarding the Nerfcy that came with Moira right?

You were practically on the head there. Her pickrate didn’t really change at all.
probably the one where I dared to say that blizzard bans accounts, not people, so playing on a 2nd account when your 1st one gets banned isn't against any rules
basically just parodies of the hole "nerf moira" treads and sarcastic treads about buffing things people hate
My most hated posts were (I can't find them now so I'll just list the topic):

- Why the Noire Widow skin should be released to everyone (I hate myself for that too)
- Back when I was bronze, I !@#$%ed about how impossible the rank was. To this day I still think it was justified but I got a bunch of elitist Gold + players mocking me...Ouch
They were talking about if they should add girls to the OWL roster

"Jeez, calm down with the political correctness.

They chose the best, and they happen to be dudes. End of story." 51 Downvotes.

And now they picked up Geguri who happens to be an amazing player.
Mine was back in DMva days where I said I want the old bully Dva back. Around -20 I get for simply that... cant post it because it’s hard to find in 2200+ posts :)
02/19/2018 11:07 PMPosted by Fladkat
They were talking about if they should add girls to the OWL roster

"Jeez, calm down with the political correctness.

They chose the best, and they happen to be dudes. End of story." 51 Downvotes.

And now they picked up Geguri who happens to be an amazing player.

I got hated on because yesterday I, a girl, was looking in the custom game list and saw one that said "Girls Only". I join because I was curious and baffled and fine it's a bunch of girls looking for other girls to team up with because apparently men are too scary to play with and are nothing but sexist pigs...I point out the fact that maybe it's because they act like this and are possibly creating problems that weren't actually there. I've never had a sexist experience in this game. Ever.
I get kicked from the game shortly after when they all started getting upset...
I got -18 on one because I hate Hanzo's Casual skin. Sorry, I don't like the hipster douchebag look.

Another one was -6 or -8 because I think having McCree saying: "It's high moon". with the Van Helsing skin is dumb as hell.

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