Mercy Players; What do you do when you hear Junkrat ulting?

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I usually stop healing and try to hide/get away from my team. The tire is going for me most of the time and I don't want anyone in my team to go down with me, and with a little bit of luck, Junkrat won't even find me (; w ;

What do you do when you hear Junkrat ulting? Is there a better way to save me from dying to it? :c
When you hear Junkrat's tire, turn your healing/damage beam off. It gives you away.
when you can't hide, get your blaster out and shoot the damn tire.

Depending on the map, ult and fly up.
I immediately stop healing/boosting and hide if I can, and tell everyone to get away from me because I know I'm the target. If I don't have time to hide, I pew pew and maybe 1 out of 5 times help to kill the tire. Basically playing against Junkrat is like Mercy 1.0 because you spend half the game hiding from the ult he gets every 15 seconds lol.
stop healing/boosting. hide behind a door/corner. if you don't move it doesnt see you (at least 80% of the time).
Run and hide.

Tac Visor - Run and Hide
Deadeye - Run and Hide
Dragonblade - Run and Hide
D.Va Bomb - Run and Hide
Graviton - Run and Hide
Death Blossom - Run and Hide

Enemy Mercy's Valkyrie - Shoot the !@#$% in the head
If it's to Start a team fight while you're on defense ult and fly high. If it's any other situation immediately disconnect your team and hide and crouch in a corner lined up with a doorway. That way if the tire goes through that door the only way junkrat can see you is by turning around or having a keen eye. Usually half the time the tire just drives right by me. I even use the sit emote to fold up her wings.
hide and pray to the overwatch gods.
Sh!t myself and run away so we dont get killed as im the target, and then next i try to blair witch in a nearby corner, hoping that junk doesnt notice
Time my Ult as perfectly as possible so that the junk tyre explodes the second my teammates gets rezzed for a dynamic entry.

"thus rose from the ashes the whole team anew, ready to kick !@# and chew bubble-gum" but there was NO bubble gum left!
I play in a six or four stack normally, and our mcree main got so sick of that damn tire that he started to demand we all drop everything and just shoot the tire. Of course theres fails sometime, but in 8/10 situations it works wonders. Concentrated fire can do wonders to a low-health object.
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I usually stop healing and try to hide/get away from my team.

Actually strike that. Every single healer should try escaping, since you'll always be an ult target.

Anyway I usually stop healing and go behind cover, if I hear Rat close by I'm guilty of trying to find him and end him before the tire explodes, I usually keep track of killcam so if he died recently I'll stick far from enemy spawn.

I'll also try valking if its an open map where I can get up fast, if there's a Pharah I try flying to her; the tire can jump, but it cant fly.
Sure it can climb on walls but most Golds dont use that lmao.
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When you hear Junkrat's tire, turn your healing/damage beam off. It gives you away.

Indeed, I turn it off as well... You're difficult to find if you're hiding in a building, but if you're healing at the same time there is a glowing beam showing him the way to your hiding place
This doesn't apply to Mercy players only but to about every support out there. I honestly don't understand this whole victim mentality. If anything Zen has it the worst because he has biggest hitbox in game probably.

As support, i just try to hide in some corner/plant pot which Junk wouldn't get idea to check out.

Outside that, Moira can blink the ult if timed properly.
Get away from Rein! lol
I do the same, but I hide so it doesn't see me and kills my teammates lol.
I cannot speak as a Mercy player. I just cannot stand the stress the average mercy player has to play. But speaking as a Bastion main. I think to myself yeah.....

time to grab a drink, A good cigar and blindfold. that tire is for me and that kind mercy that i just defended from that Red Genji.

Edit: I dont get salty over it, i have a few hours as Junkrat and the Riptire is 50/50 against any hero even Mercy, But i just have just bad luck against them myself with my main.

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