How to have a role selector, without forcing a team comp

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I tried posting this earlier, but...

First, I'm not for role queues at all but if we must...

The idea.

Before queuing for comp:

  • You select your role (default of flex)
  • You select your preferred team comp,
    such as TTSSDD (default of "don't-care")

When starting a round (hero selection), everyone takes turns:

  • Each role selector gets to choose first
  • Flex chooses last, or after 30 seconds has passed and only for the unfilled role (dictated by the chosen comp).
  • All heroes are unlocked for the round, one minute after the battle starts.


  • It automates team make-up, without forcing a meta.
  • No concerns of insta locking roles.
  • It would avoid some of the more unfortunate matchmaking (five Mercy mains)


  • You may not get a match, if nobody shares your comp preferences.
  • DPS will queue with other roles, and bully players to let them play DPS after the first minute of the round.
  • Good team composition is actually highly map dependent
  • Opponent will know your basic team comp for the next round.
not a role queue fan either, let's just get a group finder. it's so important in a game like OW

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