When’s your Birthday?

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02/19/2018 11:55 AMPosted by Macedolago
September, 21.
At least here, that is "Tree's day". I wonder if that makes me a tree. But my last name is "Lago", which means "Lake", am I a lake and a tree?
...Oh, and this Tree's day thing has no importance, I only know about it to make jokes.

Same birthday!!!

If i was a tree i would be an Olive tree
November 16th

Too long to wait for my birthday...
November 2nd. The Mexican Day of the Dead

Edgy enough to be a Reaper main

According to that site I have art and music talent which I have 0 interest.

Also about being into culture which I'm really not, so nope I wouldn't trust those things

not every piece of it is correct, but there are other accurate details.

Just like every other site that tries to guess something.

Yes, there is a chance some things will be correct, but thats a very small percentage.
5th October
October 28
October 23
December 7th

Very far away
Haha Feb 20th
14th of March, the day of π.
I am a surgeon, but I like math and computing integrals sometimes... So my birth in π's day is not coincidence I guess 8)
June 9th
yesterday lmao.
january 31
i love winter
02/19/2018 01:22 PMPosted by Utlux
Haha Feb 20th

An early happy birthday to you;)
02/18/2018 07:17 AMPosted by JellyandJam
Alright people, doing something a little different.

I would like everyone to tell us when their birthday is. Simple right?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask for your personal information next, I just want to spread good feelings around, and what better way then getting to know everyone a bit more.

So let’s get this thing started.

JellyandJams birthday is February 20th;)

To anyone who had a birthday in January, a happy late birthday to you:)

happy early bday.
And now everyone ...tell us which one of you guys used your date of birth as the security question on battlenet? :D
This is a Very High Powered Scadoodle
I shall not inform you of my life date of mine creation!
September ninth
July 15
July 23

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