what’s the hardest you’ve ever been carried?

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I remember getting a really high skilled genju on Gibraltar that absolutely demolished the other team. It was a mid-level plat. game and this guy was probably a smurf but it was wild seeing everyone fall to this person. They ended up with 89 kills and i was impressed. Hbu?
Horizon Lunar Colony, defense. I was Orisa and my friend was Torbjorn on Point B.

Our Widow and Hanzo killed everything. EVERYTHING. I sat in the corner sitting on a Torb Turret and killing the occaisional Tracer who came back for the shield generator, but other than that, our Widow and Hanzo did everything.
High-skill genji on Anubis. Just destroyed the enemy team.
i think, as far as i remember, i got teamed up with a premate group. i played hanzo. i think had one elim, low damage. and we won. yep
A Hanzo on Kings Row who was getting all of the kills without using his scatter arrow at all.
I've had tons of games where the Tanks or Supports carried us. Sure, they didn't get kills, but the space the tanks created and the amazing heals that the Healers put out were amazing. We would have to essentially throw the game to loose.
Had a game were two of my teammates were simply "Trolling" if I may say and we were losing hard, I was tilted as hell, and our widow noticed I'm upset (Was on a losing streak and things only kept going worse) the widow was actually smurfing and playing widow on the smurf, she switched to Roadhog (I'm guessing that's what the person is good at at their rank) and they proceeded to carry the game picking off kills with great hooks, and then wished me luck on my future games before they left XD
A tracer who was just causing so much chaos that they only got 20 Elon’s because the whole other team left the game :P halfway through the first round
I conceitedly feel like I'm carrying 90% of the time, so when I get carried it's kind of a weird wake-up call.

I remember I was having a night where I was pretty much auto-locking Junkrat for DPS and was routinely getting 4 golds a game and well, carrying.

I get matched with a five-stack for Hanamura and we easily held on defense and had the point on offense within legitimately 15-20 seconds. I think I had two elims the entire game and I was trying like crazy since I try to show-up five-stacks whenever I get matched with them.

Needless to say, they didn't pick me up.
Early in season 7 on Hollywood, a duo that I've never seen since were in team chat along with me (other randoms were not). Their synergy was just amazing, and they even managed to help me to a half decent game as Zarya (considering that this was at a time that I couldn't even build 10% charge most of the time, and even now I'm not good as her)
Volskaya Industries, defense. A guy picked Widow and another picked Mercy to pocket him. The only enemy who managed to get through those two was a Winston, but I charged him away.

I think that happened while I was on diamond, can't remember very well.
A game on Horizon I played so bad in, I got a solid 13 SR for it. 0 medals. None. Yet we got B in less than 90 seconds on attack and full held A on defense. I literally did nothing.
Gibraltar, attack. I sat on the payload as Soldier: 76 alone and unchallenged, never seeing a single enemy or ally for the entire length of the game.

Which means that my team was out there 5v6ing and winning every battle to the point the enemy never even saw the payload.
Whenever I play dps.
Everytime I die first and my team caps the point as I'm walking from spawn.
I ended up pocketing a Torbjorn once, who had Godlike aim. he was getting a ridiculous amount of headshots with his primary fire.
Ilios. Genji who was boosting an account. I reported him for it obviously but yeah just sat on point while he soloed the enemy team. Super boring.

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