sym mains out there (utility idea)

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how do you think symmetra should be changed to be more viable? I've been thinking about some unique stuff to her , maybe she should get more utility outside of her ult to be picked more

I've been thinking and came up with this ability called "portal" heavily inspired by the game "portal 2" if any of you played it before

she can create a small hole in a thin wall for a period of 5 seconds. like for example You know the first point dorado flank? what if you can give your whole team the ability to go through it by opening a small portal in the wall. (you get to choose between photon barrier or this ability )

other than that I think removing the slow from her putting up turrets would be nice (prolly suggested before) or the ability to carry her sheild gen and change the loacation of it in case a flanker found it.

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