Does Valkyrie have a use anymore?

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didn't jeff himself say that ultimates were to change the course of a game? why did they even change her ultimate in the first place honestly
Always to initiate a battle, NEVER to counter-initiate.
Also, to kill bad pharas.
I find it useful to save yourself. Get you way from enemy ults allowing you more time to support, but as for supporting your team? Nothing. The chain heal isn't much to boast as enemies still eat right through your team.
Hello! 300 hour, Grandmaster Mercy Main here. Mercy and Valk are still very powerful if used correctly (I have a 71% win percentage after the nerfs on my Mercy only account this season

Just because you can't rez two people during Valk doesn't mean it's bad, it just means it's not a reactive ult used to reverse death anymore. You have to use it proactively to PREVENT death, as in you use it to initiate or sustain a fight BEFORE people on your team die.

Valkyrie is basically as if your team suddenly had 6 Mercys on it for 15 seconds, each one pocketing one of your team members. It's insanely good if used correctly.

For Defense: If you notice that multiple people on your team are getting dangerously low health, and feel as if the enemy is about to push in hard, use Valk to keep everyone safe and then utilize the damage boost to both kill the enemy as well as build your teammate's ult charge faster. People often underestimate the power of chain damage boost for 15 seconds (that's a looong time).

For Attack or King of the Hill: Use Valkyrie as an engagement ult, tell your team that you're going to Valk and to push in and stay grouped up. Prioritize damage boost, and if someone on your team dies, don't rez them until the fight is over. It's more important to keep your beam on your team while the fight is going on. I see so many Mercy players trying to rez during a team fight and letting their team die, it's a bad idea.

If you are getting dived, especially on defense, use Valkyrie to stay alive and ensure that your team wins the fight.

Similarly to Nano Boost, Valk also pairs really well like Dragonblade and other ults. Popping Valk and then following your Ulting Genji around with damage beam and heals is super powerful.

When NOT to use Valk: If your team get's grav'd, don't valk. Valkyrie is NOT meant to counter grav or other hardcore DPS ults. Valkyrie isn't supposed to be used like Transcendence/Sound Barrier. Those are DEFENSIVE ults, Valkyrie is more of an OFFENSIVE ult similar to Nano and Coalescence

I see so many Mercy players complaining that Valkyrie doesn't counter anything, but that's not what it's supposed to do. The sooner you stop trying to use Valk defensively and start using it more frequently/proactively, the more successful on Mercy you will be.

And remember, you never HAVE to rez. This is another mistake I see Mercy players make. They are winning a fight when someone on their team dies, and instead of healing their team they go try to rez, die, and then they lose. Rez should only be used in situations where you are 100% safe, or if you can have your team protect you. Oftentimes, you will win fights without using rez as all, as long as YOU stay alive and keep your team alive.

I do think Valkyrie should be buffed to heal more now that it doesn't give you more/instant rezzes. Maybe instead of 60 HPS, it heals 75-80HPS?
It's pretty useless, tbh. The main use is to initiate and sustain a team during a push but--that's all gonna count on the team. If they don't group then oh well.

Sometimes I use Valk to dive a widow the team won't/can't get rid of. Sometimes I use it to escape dragon blade or tire.
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It's best used as an initiation/pushing tool.

An initiation tool....on a 2k ult charge...what a travesty lol.

Lucio laughs in your face.

Mercy still has the highest, consistent healing in the game with no recharge, no cooldown, no reloads and without even counting her ult.
I would just like to see instant rez come back during valkyrie
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I would just like to see instant rez come back during valkyrie

Doesn't even have to be instant, at this point I would be happy with lowered cast time and no slow.

Also, I want Mercy to be able to switch to a single target beam that provides considerably more healing/damage boost. They can use her empty reload-key for that. I'm fine with having no form of burst healing in her regular kit, but I don't think it's too much to ask for it to be an option when she ults.
3 words: Amp it up.

Use it like you would Amp, and you're golden. Also, use Amp like Sirrocknryan said to use valk.
I think that Valkyrie is pretty good. Few things enable push better than multiple beam damage boost. Usually it quickly results in a pick. Plus, the flying makes Mercy resistant to a lot of things, so you can focus on healing and boosting instead of trying to avoid pesky Tracers.

I'm not a Mercy main or anything, but I consider Mercy to be the optimal healing role pick, unless it's a KOTH map that heavily favors Moira. I just like how instant and reliable the beam is.
After Mercy 1.0’s invulnerability buff, I used her ult a lot just to stay alive and stall a fight. It often meant sacrificing some of my teammates (like letting people die in a Grav while I ult to save myself and whoever is already dead nearby), but most of the time it was worth it to stall a point or get off one good DPS ultimate. I use Valk basically the same way now, but for different ultimates. In some cases, saving myself means sacrificing others who can’t handle the incoming damage, but they would have died regardless. The point is if I can stay alive and in the fight, I can keep the fight going, and if I’m very careful and very lucky, maybe rez someone who might be able to turn things around completely.

Even though I use it for basically the same thing, it still feels incredibly lackluster, rez or no rez. The flying mechanic is clunky and not smooth at all, very slow, and trying to aim and fly at the same time is extremely hard for me. It’s not just the slow-down on rez that interferes with Mercy’s normally fluid playstyle; Valk also interrupts the flow. Being able to fly should feel A LOT better than it does.
I use Valkyrie when I want their tactical visor or deadeye used.

For some reason, it's like my own ult button can activate theirs all the time. I think it's a bug.
if( (on attack) and (team is alive) and (objective need to be pushed) )
    use Valkyrie

else if ( (on defense) and (enemy is pushing) and (more than two team-members are alive) )
    use Valkyrie

else if (need to escape)
    use Valkyrie

    don't use Valkyrie
Valk is for boosting your normal abilities when you feel like it. There's no reason not to use it the moment any fight starts because it's so useless in every other scenario. Mitigate a Tact Visor? Lmao no. Save your team from Dragonblade? You wish. Deter focus fire from D.Va and Winston? If you luck out and D.Va doesn't know how to aim or properly create space.

It's basically "Mercy but better." It's bland, uninspired and frankly lazy. The only other use outside of pressing M1 and M2 to potentially boost your entire team is switching to your peashooter and going for the meme kills against an isolated Sniper.
I use it from time to time because I have it, not because it is of any use now.
Spam it whenever possible during team fights tbh, or when someone tries to ult you. For an ult it's pretty pitiful not to mention costs a lot to charge as said above.
I use Valk:

-To start a push if everyone is grouped

-To escape Dragonblade, Rip Tire, etc.

-When the enemy is doing more damage than I can heal off normally

makes you an easily spotted and killed target, seems better to stay on the ground anyway.

This is why you're dying. When I use Valk, I immediately fly upwards and heal from the map ceiling. The only times I die with from High Noon/Tac Visor, and even then this can be easily avoided by just waiting for these ultimates to happen and end.
No character has ever been in a worse position than Mercy is right now.

Edit: to answer your question I usually hide around a corner and press mouse 1 or mouse 2.
Yeah, it has.

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No character has ever been in a worse position than Mercy is right now.

Symmetra? Torbjörn?

I mean.. dude(tte)..
I see Valk with 4 uses.

1->After fail engage, tell team to group up , I have valk I can give u guys damage boost and heal, we win next engage okay na.

2-> Hey Genji, I have ultimate, I combo ult with u, we kill many okay na. Better than nano boost serious.

3-> When flanker went deep and cut me, when I am about 100hp I will pop.

4-> For 2 CP map like Horizon or Temple of Anubis. If possible, try to win point A and keep ult for point B. Point B maybe after get a pick, just combo ultimate with one dps , then use the 15 second to snowball.

Really, now Mercy is so much better in attack team than before because of this change, but for payload, I feel Zenyatta has more impact. Zen/Moira for Payload map for me.

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