Is moira too powerful?

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please dont dislike this but im just wonder is moira to powerful her range is super high which can be tweaked a little and her damage ball does a bit to much damage (10 dmg per second i believe) so im wondering if moira does to much damage the healing is fine but im just wondering about her damage.
She's perfect. All the supports should be at her level.

Also, why do people keep saying her damage is high? She's literally got the lowest DPS weapon in the game. Any amount of healing nullifies it.

The Mercy with the two instant rezzes? That was OP.
Not in the slightest. She's the first hero Blizzard has released that's been balanced, fun, and not to mention viable on release.
She is a good dps but others can do this job better. Oh she is also a healer.
Lowest damage output in game. Sure it has a forgiving hitbox, but it aint an autolock. The orb supplements the damage output somewhat, but even with it her damage output is mediocre. It is reliable sure, but I would much rather have 190 DPS that requires hitscan aim than 100 DPS forgiving beam aim that cannot be increased no matter how hard you try.

The fact that Moira's TTK is so fast while being one of the lowest DPS in the game merely highlights how strong damage is in this game.
"Biotic orb damage is too high"

*10dps o.o

Think about it. Is it too op?

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