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Slowly declining in fun and probably in players.
Literally the only reason I don't uninstall is because on my garbage internet it'd take several days to reinstall if Blizzard gets their &!@& together and releases a good update.
Hacks are getting out of control again. Every couple months a new one comes out.
I bought this game 3 months ago but have since experienced copious amount of toxicity in such a short time frame. For now, my aim is to achieve Gold tier and then stop playing for awhile to explore other games - I just bought Dying Light!!

After a few competitive games, I'll usually QP. I think QP is still somewhat fun as everyone isn't too edgy.

My main OW gripes pertain to widespread toxic behaviour and the sledgehammer Mercy nerf.

I'm hoping they listen to our feedback.
Pretty much died in season 5 as far as taking it even a little bit seriously. So I just queue competitive for casual fun and relaxing. Quickplay is basically unplayable.

But like every other online game ever there are too many people cheating and it only gets worse the higher you get.
I still play quickplay and weekly arcades with my friends but outside of that nothing else. I hardly ever que for competitive aside from doing the necessary placements to get a rank.

Competitive mode is more or less dead to me. So tired of being pigeonholed into picking specific heroes every match and being ridiculed for doing otherwise. Balance has and more than likely will be crap for a long time. Not to say QP or arcade is any better but at least people don't tend to be as toxic or high-strung in general there.

All in all the game is not what it used to be but who knows how that will be with new heroes and features hopefully coming out in the near future.
Oh, and the people that leave competitive matches. Throwers and other !@#$ that ruins the game and penalizes the rest of the players that did nothing wrong.
I enjoy it... sometimes. I greatly dislike that the old Brawls are almost all gone. Blizzard says, "You can make them yourself in the custom games." Well the same is true for all those death matches that are always up. I love the game because of team play and objectives. Death-matches and the lack of interesting game modes are slowly whittling away my enjoyment of the game.
Keep your thoughts coming;)
I've stopped playing a lot
Many heroes I play are now sad excuses for Tanks and Supports...
for a game about heroes who's abilities all counter each other it really seems like they are listening to people who instalock one hero and don't want to swap off to counter the enemy hero so instead they call for a nerf and get heroes entire kits gutted =[
I have fun in comp when I 6 stack with friends I met in comp. Arcade is fun sometimes especially for the boxes. I don't play that much though because I'm away at college. I'm going home for a long weekend this weekend so I'm really excited to play!!
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I have fun in comp when I 6 stack with friends I met in comp. Arcade is fun sometimes especially for the boxes. I don't play that much though because I'm away at college. I'm going home for a long weekend this weekend so I'm really excited to play!!


And it’s nice to see a fellow Xbox player:)
I only really play events anymore. I comp to get my rank to plat and then drop the game almost entirely. Only exception is if 3+ friends are playing together. Otherwise I'm playing other games where I feel my time is better spent.

I mained Mercy so that I could be useful. That came to an end.
I mained dva so I could protect healers from tracer. That came to an end (still mostly play dva cause I've gotten used to being more aggressive).
I'm starting to play more Orisa, Hog, and Zarya, but it doesn't matter when Tracer is running around with little to no counters (I've seen her blink out of hooks and flashbangs and she's too fast to be frozen).

Events aside, literally the only reason I dont uninstall is because I met my boyfriend on it so now it has sentimental value.
It's become unenjoyable to the point that I only logged in to play 1-2 rounds of MH, claim the free event box, and change my avatar for the past nearly 3 weeks now(?)
The upcoming balance patches for Sombra and other F tiers sound good in theory, but theory rarely works as intended. Hopefully they get viable in more than one specific scenario though.
I'll probably test out hero:27 when they debut, but if I don't love them I don't expect to pick OW back up as my primary game.
I still play it with friends a lot, but not for the game. My favourite heroes are almost all becoming obsolete, the game is overrun with genji and tracer mains because of how overpowered they are with blizzard refusing to admit it, comp is beyond atrocious, matchmaking is nonexistent, the only reason I ever play the game, even with friends, is because I like the wallriding.
boring and unfun. I don't know why I bother playing anymore.
I'm having fun. I have my opinions on hero balance and the state the heroes on are but I swear I'm the only person not salty over literally every change and try to see things from an outside perspective.
Keep your thoughts coming;)

I’m enjoying this.
Pyro has a jetpack
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Now you have people who sabotage your games even if you are winning or they try the first round then even if you have a huge advantage they start throwing/ruining games in competitive just to piss people even more.

To be fair, this is every online multiplayer game. I literally just played Monopoly on PS4, and this troll kept trying to trade people $100 for $106 every single time it was their turn. Who the heck is so bored they troll MONOPOLY?!?

It certainly is when the game relies on Matchmaking instead of player run servers/communities.
I'd say we're still in the support witch-hunt meta. I think most tanks and dps are in an okay spot, defense is still suffering.

I'm not appreciative of the people wanting nerf after nerf after nerf for support heroes. And not that defense and some dps don't need some buffs, but those along with the nerfs to support are making them less fun to play.

People aren't calling it DPSWatch for nothing...

We're stuck in a bad loop of dps wanting support nerfs and supports wanting dps nerfs. 100s of posts can be made for support nerfs but one post about fixing Genji's hitboxes and they go insane...

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