And before you ask: Yes, I was crying when I wrote this.

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Yes it would be nice if everyone would refrain from attacking eachother over a videogame. People play games for fun and challenge and teamwork (in this specific case). Not to be harassed.

However Junkrat tire will make even the saintliest players salty. Seriously that thing is frustrating af to be killed by >:(
Doesn't mean it's okay to attack the Junkrat player for using it. Just... eff that stupid ult >_<

Anyway. If you are legit crying it is perhaps time to take a break from the game. Come back when you are feeling better and hopefully you meet some nicer people. Playing with friends when possible is highly recommended. And if you meet nice peeps friend em asap. The best way to get a good experience imo.
02/15/2018 04:33 PMPosted by Gyakusetsu
I think you need a break from the Internet.

Yes, the internet is fine how it is, the OP is clearly the one with something wrong, wanting the internet to not suck so much. Yep. Totally. The. Right. Way. To. Look. At. Things. Nothing can touch our precious internet encouraging and catering to people's bad behavior. Yep. That would be terrible. You're so right. Why didn't I think of it as if I'm not as messed up as the internet and encourage it to be messed up or just accept it then I'm the one in the wrong how could I have just not seen the answer that keeping things terrible is the real and true righteous answer and anything else must call into question others emotional stability when in fact the way people behave isn't fine at all, it's the opposite of it.
I mean, you're not wrong.

I grew up in the south, was taught manners before I could walk. I call people sir and ma'am, etc. So, yeah, it was a bit wonky to step into the realm of online gaming culture. I'm still surprised by how jerkish people can be sometimes.

But I also realize we can't police this type of thing. I don't like people being jerkwaffles, but we can't toss out the ban hammer every time someone says "GGEZ" either.

There's a balance somewhere, meaning there's so much we just have to put up with in a world that is based on free thinking. But encouraging people to be courteous to others is always a welcome sight, so kudos to you for that. :)

I do wish more people would put forth an effort. I mean, I get it - the most difficult beast to tame is the tongue. But it wouldn't hurt if everyone tried a little harder to be more thoughtful of the people on the other side of the screen.
People can be insensitive, even ones posting in this thread. It's literally just asking people to be nicer, I don't get why people don't understand that. Yeah, it's a game, but words hurt and affect some people more than others.

Yesterday, I was blamed and called trash more than I have in a long time on my alt. It really does suck and make the game experience pretty bad. I've reported a lot of toxic people but I rarely get the pop up message that anything was done about it. It's really demoralizing to even play comp on my alt with friends when I'm blamed for picking a certain hero and cussed out on mic.

Sometimes I want to take a break from the game, since it's the only game I actually focus on atm. I know that I won't because I enjoy the gameplay so much. Some people are going through a rough time and a lot of stress irl, the last thing they want is for a game that's meant for fun to be an upsetting experience. I just wish that the report system worked more, and punished people who are extremely toxic.
I occasionally have to take breaks from this game because of toxicity. And my own brother, who is normally a very nice person, becomes a huge toxic !@#$%^- when he's playing this game. And seeing him act like that is so much worse for me than seeing strangers do it, because I actually expect better from him. I regularly feel worse after playing this game than I did when I started.
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I'll let you in on a secret: People are mean because you get upset.

I feel for you, because people are butt stallions for no reason, but this guy is also right. Tell mean people they are cute when they’re mad. They won’t stop, but they won’t get the satisfaction from you.

Yes trolls are so clever and so smart, people being mean are the height of superiority preying on the people they are mean to as vampires would inferior humans. All praise the mean people for they are the true saviors of our world, only they are so honest to embrace the ugliness of human nature for what it is, only they are the true inheritors of this earth, for they are mean to people and if you can't take people being mean to you then you don't belong in our special club and there's something inherently wrong and fragile with you. Those people that are weak are why we can't have a great world, they hold us back. Being mean is the answer to everything and we should thank the people being mean to us for protecting us from ourselves. These true heroes, people being mean on the internet, can never have enough praise.

This is all sarcasm by the way, but the unforunate thing is this is the actual rhetoric you've all been sampling from in one way or another when you say "it's the internet" or "it gives them satisfaction".

Here's the truth of things, these people are not clever, superior, or strong. They are weak, in fact they are so weak they can't even control their emotions even a little bit when they lose a game online and so weak they band together to form groups of like minded people with the same problems to insulate themselves from criticism or having to change, and the worst part is they've been so successful at it so long very few question it, even though it goes against natural morality and we all know there's several thing inherently wrong with it, so many of us don't even question it. It would be criticizing nature, is how ingrained it has got into some people's view. But it isn't right, or natural. It's just people that have found a way to shuffle blame and their bad feelings on to everyone else, because they aren't emotionally developed enough to say GG or admit someone bested them. They have no filter and do not want one they only seek to spew their poison because they have no emotional development or sense of morality.

As for the whole "you can't change people" thing. You can stop encouraging it by saying things like they get satisfaction from it. They don't get satisfaction from it except in rare circumstances most the time it's just some idiot saying the first feeling that comes to his mind b/c he can't control himself or his emotions because he doesn't have to and no one criticizes his behavior so he has no reason to change. The culture allows it to happen and ideas like the one you stated are part of that framework.
The anonymity of the internet is false in some sense. There's still laws and rules in place, and no one follows them enough.
new to the internet i suppose
Comes in with giant clock* ITS TIME TO STOP
OP: I hope you don't mind if I steal your title for all of my future threads.

Whether it was intentional or not, this is becoming a meme.
Yep most of by bad experience with OW is with this "ez" or "gg" when it's obviously not gg and one sided. They could use a team chat for steamrolled gg to celebrate with the team, but the intention is obvious when most people do it in orange channel where you even have to manually press a switch channel button.

It's just a text from nobody, but when you catch sight of it they really stings you permanently. I should just ignore these people but a slight mental damage has already been done after you have read it.

I can turn off the chat I believe, but I don't want to miss other fun things (that rarely happens, but might happen)

OW was set to be a balance of win and lose. Before this even losing feels neutral. With these inconsiderate players I now have a risk of ruining my day playing Overwatch. Before I know it, I started to hesitate even before going into the game if my current mood is not that bad. Maybe just doing nothing is better than Overwatch.
The whole "It's the internet, get over it" or "Just ignore it and move on" does nothing. The OP voicing their frustrations is a good thing and it should be encouraged and supported, not written off as it is in a lot of these replies.

I agree wholeheartedly with the OP. I feel the exact same way most of the times that I play Overwatch. It's definitely the worst part of the game by far.

I think the OP making their post is better than doing nothing.. better than just saying, "Welp, that's the internet for you. Oh well." I think those of us that really want things to change need to actively do things like telling friends or people we play with that their behavior is not cool when they act this way. I have had that talk with a couple friends actually, and told them I won't play with them if they are going to act like that.

The gaming community needs to start taking a harder stance against this kind of stuff than just shrugging it off because that's the way it is. You don't have to give in to emotions and become toxic yourself, but when you feel up to it, I think you should definitely point out to these people that their behavior is not cool and that they are not fun to play with.
02/15/2018 04:32 PMPosted by CelesteShep
Stop being mean to one another.

Why arn't people being nice to eachother? Because they're underage and are immature and lack any respect along with meaningful parenting. Thats sorta the trend I see...
02/15/2018 04:33 PMPosted by Gyakusetsu
I think you need a break from the Internet.

nah the internet needs to realise its people on the other end.

Ive heard some people say things they wouldn't dare do too others if it was face too face a vast majority of toxic and childish people are normally utter cowards.

They'll spam "u mad" "oh you so mad" "your'e so totally mad bro" they'll tell you "you're trash" "you're garbage" but when push comes too shove how much does anyone want to bet that if they did that too the same person face too face they'd get their faces kicked in?

People need to grow up and if you find amusement in someone elses suffering just because you can then you are simply sadistic and a horrible human being.

I am very much aware the world at large is just as bad, but the OP is right. What the hell is wrong with people? Does there have to be consequences for their actions in person when saying crap on the internet before they get it?

The fact that we're already at that place and the idiots at large simply dont get it still "it'll never happen to me" is just disgusting.
a lot of meaning gets lost in text though. I say 'nice shot.' sometimes sarcastically to people when I feel it was super cheap and undeserved kill on me
Hey look, if it comes to a point where you need to turn off the game, turn it off, play something else, turn your computer/console off completely if you have too. Overwatch is notoriously toxic. It's common knowledge by this point.

I'm an adult and I can get tilted by the "EZ" comments too, but can I blame them? Yeah it's still rude, but they don't know that I had a completely uncooperative team where I was solo healing 5 dps on defense. All they have to do is check my profile and see that I'm bronze and take what they saw from that game do draw their own conclusions.

But honestly, if they're rubbing it in your face like that, it's a bunch of (expletive name because I don't want to get flagged) who don't know what sportsmanship is, and they're probably 12 or immature lonely teenage boys. When I'm playing with people my age, I see "gg" at the end of the game. Fair enough. But when I can tell I'm with kids (i.e. Using the "cancer" comps) that's when I see the most toxic albeit passive-agressive (but can still see the toxicity seeping through) in match chat.

"Gg" has also kinda become a toxic rubbing-my-winstreak-in-your-face thing, which is personally why I never say "gg" unless it was a close game and both sides did really well.

Toxicity is a problem, but unavoidable. People are rude to strangers by nature (I work in retail, so I know that by personal experience, especially when they think they can be protected by the anonymity of the Internet or the boundaries of your job contract). If you need to turn off the game, turn it off, play something more casual, or go read a book, or go outside for some fresh air, do something to get your mind off of it.
02/15/2018 07:18 PMPosted by GRIMSDOTTIR
Why arn't people being nice to eachother? Because they're underage and are immature and lack any respect along with meaningful parenting. Thats sorta the trend I see...

Sounds about right. Too many kids on redit and 4chan "educating" themselves lol.
02/15/2018 04:34 PMPosted by Bluerbubla
It's just a game, Calm down

I think that's the entire point of his post tho. People need to calm down and drop the saltiness. Win or lose IT IS just a game, so there's no need to be nasty to each other. It only makes something that's supposed to be a fun way to pass the time into a miserable chore.

To everyone who's gonna come on here and say I'm a sore loser: I'm not. This ain't about me losing, this is about people who feel so much hatred that they have to insult strangers on the internet.

I agree with your post and applaud you for making it, but you have to understand that the kind of people you are talking about aren't projecting their hatred of others so much as they are projecting their hatred of themselves. This sort of behaviour is deeply rooted in feelings of inadequacy and a desperate need for self-validation at the expense of others, and as such is a pretty clear indicator that whoever is behaving in that fashion is probably pretty messed up either psychologically or emotionally. Be magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat, and when you come across someone who can't you should probably feel pity for them more than anything else.

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