Genji hunting season has opened for 2018.

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This is the formal notice that any and all red Genji's within any game mode and at any and all levels of play are now free targets, though with this please remember even hunting down these plague level pests.

You must at all times secure the game mode objectives that you are playing with. If you are hunting Genji's without the objectives it will be considered a net failure.

In other words try to win the game you are in and kill Genji's for chuckles.
What if I'm a blue team Genji?
02/16/2018 03:12 AMPosted by Skrimiche
What if I'm a blue team Genji?

Well you are red to someone, yeah so take care.
I like your energy!
02/16/2018 03:15 AMPosted by JesQ
I like your energy!

Thankyou, I hope your hunting season is an exciting one with good games.

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